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3 Things Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent [Video]

What Are The 3 Things That Home Buyers Want From Buyers Agents

Joe Kiser of The Madrona Group real estate team talks about what home buyers want from their real estate agent.  When choosing the agent that represents your transaction you may be inclined to choose a close friend or family member.  While I am not suggesting that you should not use a close friend or family member I would suggest that you cross reference the below information and make sure that they can meet your needs.

3 Things Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent

  1.  Help Finding The Right Home

  2. Help Negotiating The Purchase Of The Home

  3. Help Creating and Managing The Paperwork

Finding the right home.  One of the complaints I often here from friends and family about their real estate agent is that the agent did not find the house.  The idea of “finding the right home” is more than just setting up a saved search in the MLS. It is quite possible that you see the home you are going to buy first on Redfin, Zillow or  Often times the right home does not match the initial wants and needs analysis that we preform at the beginning of the process.

For example, you might tell your agent that you need a minimum of 2.5 baths, then stumble on the perfect home that only has 2 baths.

We perform 2 services to help you find the right home.

  1. Our initial buyer consultation

  2. We will help walk you through the 3 important things to consider when buying a home.

  3. We will help walk you through a Wants and Needs analysis

  4. We will decide on the search tools that we will all be keeping an eye to ensure nothing slips through the cracks

  5. Once a home is selected as the right home

  6. We will run the comps to ensure the home is priced fairly

  7. We will evaluate the neighborhood and area to ensure it meets your needs

  8. We will discuss the wants and needs analysis to ensure that you are making the best decision with your eyes wide open

Negotiating the purchase.  (11/28/20) As of today the real estate market in the greater Seattle area remains competitive.  It has been a sellers’ market for many years and it does not appear that it will change any time soon.  It is more important than ever that you choose a real estate team that is highly equipped to operate at a high level in today’s real estate market.  That includes having fierce negotiating skills.  The last thing you want is to keep finding the Right Home only to keep loosing out to other bidders.

While price is always an important factor when it comes to negotiating it is not the only one.  It seems it is the only factor that many agents we are competing with focus on.  A strong real estate team knows that likelihood to close, emotional ties, strength of the team, communication skills and many other factors are also important.

Creating and Managing The Paperwork.  The devil is in the details as they say.  The manner in which your real estate team understands the contracts can be an important factor in both the negotiation of the home and ensuring that you get the best possible outcome.  A mistake on your contract can be costly and can even void a transaction.

Once a contract is agreed upon by both all parties there are multiple timelines and deadlines that can save you or cost you money.

This is where you will want to choose a real estate team that has proven time and time again that they will create and manage your paperwork from start to close.

3 Things Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

00:04 Hi guys thanks again for watching 00:06 real-estate topics with Joe and Jason. 00:08 I’d like to share a little bit of my 00:10 experience after working with hundreds 00:12 of clients find their dream homes and sell 00:14 their homes. What I found is that what 00:16 Home Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agent 00:17 comes down to three things. 00:20 1. You want help finding the right 00:25 home. That comes down to, as Jason talked 00:28 about, location, price, condition. You want 00:31 someone to understand your needs and 00:33 what you’re looking for to really be out 00:35 there as an advocate looking for 00:37 you so you don’t have to do all the 00:38 research yourself. 2. Help with negotiation. 00:45 We do this as an everyday part 00:48 of our business, but for 00:50 somebody that doesn’t do it, it’s a 00:51 little bit overwhelming and intimidating. 00:53 When it comes to negotiation we want to 00:56 know your needs so we can get you the 00:57 best home at the best value. 3. They need 01:04 help with all the paperwork. There’s a 01:06 lot of moving parts in a transaction. 01:08 Escrow is involved, we got banks 01:10 involved, multiple agents involved, 01:13 different inspectors and things like that. 01:15 It can be an overwhelming process 01:17 and again we like to remind people that 01:19 this is an everyday part of our business. 01:22 There’s nothing to stress out about 01:24 we’re here to help take the ball and run 01:26 with it for you. 01:27

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