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5 Beautiful Waterfalls

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

While summers in the Pacific Northwest are usually very beautiful, they are often filled with a cloudy day here and there. However, I personally think that cloudy days are some of the best days to go on a waterfall hike. I have compiled a list of my top 5 water fall hikes to do throughout the cascades.

1. Wallace Falls - Central Cascades

5.6 miles, roundtrip

This hike is great due to the fact that it's not too far out of town. Additionally, there are three different points to look out over the falls; if you get to tired after one or two different points, you can just go ahead and head back down. I think that this is a great hike for all levels of hikers, and a great hike to have a picnic (there is a table and covered area at one lookout point).

From Washington Trails Association "unlike many trails, which sacrifice peripheral scenery on the journey for the prospect of a grand summit view, the Woody Trail is consistently gorgeous as you wind your way along the Wallace River and approach the nine dazzling falls."

2. Twin Falls -Snoqualmie Region

2.6 miles, roundtrip

Twin falls is a nice short hike suitable for all types of hikers. The falls are view-able from both above and at the base level. Keep on the main trail to look out over the falls, or follow a trail down below (best to do on your way back down) to view the falls more up close and personal.

From Washington Trails Association: " Since the trail is at the bottom of the valley for most of its route and the trees limit long views, hikers get to focus on the nature nearby. Look for walls of maidenhair ferns, flowers blooming throughout the spring and early summer, and evidence of the herd of elk that lives in the area."

3. Teneriffe Falls - Snoqualmie Region

5.6 miles, round trip

The climb view Teneriffe Falls is a bit of a tougher one, you will for sure get your workout in by the end of this hike. Along the way to the top, there will be clearings which make for great lookout points over the valley. Once you approach the falls, you will be blown away by how close to the base you will be. The falls tower over your head, so tall that you can't get it all in one photo.

From Washington Trails Association: "You'll work up a sweat on this moderate hike to the spectacular Teneriffe Falls (formerly known as Kamikaze Falls). Go in the spring when the tread is snow-free and the waterfall is flowing at full volume. Note that the tread consists of loose rock in places, so sturdy shoes or boots will help keep your ankles and feet happy on this hike. If you are hiking with children, keep them close by as there are some steep drop-offs along the trail."

4. Bridal Veil Falls - Central Cascades

4.0 miles, roundtrip

Get up close and personal to this beautiful waterfall draping over a mountain side. This hike is great for all ages and all hikers. Get so close to the falls that you can feel the mist and wind blowing you back.

From Washington Trails Association: "A beautiful waterfall flows out of Lake Serene and cascades below the rugged east wall of Mount Index at the end of a trail on the west side of Bridal Veil Creek. Take time to see and enjoy a stunning view of Bridal Veil Falls and climb flights of steps paralleling the falls."

5. Snoqualmie Falls - Snoqualmie Region

1.4 miles, roundtrip

Snoqualmie Falls is magnificent and great to view at all times of the year. It is the perfect way to get to know our area and some of the Native American history, and it's a very easy trail. I think that Snoqualmie Falls is a great place to take someone who is visiting the area for the first time.

From Washington Trails Association: "The 0.7-mile interpretive trail from the upper falls viewpoints to the lower falls viewpoint is family- and pet-friendly, good for beginners, teaches the basics of the flora and fauna near Snoqualmie Pass, informs about local Native American culture, and ends with impressive views of a Washington icon."

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