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5 Rights of Selling Your Home [Video]


Make Sure You Have These 5 Things Right When Selling Your Puget Sound Area Home

  1. House Right

  2. Yard Right

  3. Marketing Right

  4. Price Right

  5. Broker Right

It takes 3 things to sell a home:

  1. Presentation

  2. Promotion

  3. Price

Getting your House and Yard Right is about the Presentation.

Getting your Marketing Right is about the Promotion.

Getting your Price Right is obviously about the Pricing.

Then make sure that you have the best representation possible to manage it all, negotiate strongly on your behalf, and communicate the process.


Video Transcript

Hi this is Jason Fox with 00:04 The Madrona Group and today I want to 00:05 talk to you about selling your home 00:08 [Music] 00:11 Alright so you’re thinking about selling 00:13 your home and you want to have a 00:15 strategy for getting the highest price 00:18 and selling your home in the quickest 00:20 amount of time. We have that strategy 00:23 all set up for you and we call it the “5 00:26 Rights of Selling your Home.” 00:29 Number 1 is house right and this is about 00:31 presentation 00:32 You only have one shot with the potential 00:34 buyers to get the emotional connection 00:38 and to show your home in the very best light. 00:41 Number 2 is yard right this is 00:45 also presentation and this is 00:47 about curb appeal and getting 00:50 the yard and the entryway right. It’s 00:52 the first impression that a buyer has 00:54 when they come and they 00:56 drive up to a home and go to enter your 00:58 house. This will really entice the buyers. 01:00 Number 3 is marketing right. 01:03 This is about the promotion, 01:05 about maximizing the media channels to 01:08 get the most amount of exposure for your 01:10 home possible so we can get the most 01:12 buyer eyeballs out there and try to 01:14 really drive up the value and the 01:15 interest of your home. 01:18 Number 4 is Price right. This is obviously about pricing and 01:20 the strategy of coming up with the right 01:23 price where you get the results 01:25 that you want but also we get the most 01:27 amount of buyers interested in the home 01:29 so that we can get the price that we want. 01:31 Number 5 is Broker right. 01:35 Yeah that’s probably Joe and I. Our commitment 01:38 to you is that we want to go beyond full 01:40 service and deliver excellent results 01:44 In the next video I’ll go further into 01:46 presentation which is getting the home 01:49 market ready day one and we’ll talk 01:52 about some further selling strategies 01:54 and what it really takes to get your 01:56 home sold for top results. 01:58 Thank you for watching and 02:00 don’t forget to like this video, share it 02:02 with your friends, and visit 02:07 and get in contact with us, we’d 02:10 love to help you sell your home.

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