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Agent Spotlight: Meet Johnny Farienlla!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

We are shining the light on one of our amazing real estate brokers! Allow us to introduce you to real estate professional, Johnny Farinella. He would be happy to assist you if you are selling or buying a home and create a smooth transition process.


I am a real estate broker with John L Scott

Tell us more about where you are from

Born in raised in Bothell. My parents moved here to start a church in 1985 of which my father is still the pastor today. What I love about my profession

Negotiations! It is the most fun to figure out how to win in a competitive market. When I do win because of my ability, that is what I love most! Other interests and hobbies?

I love my church! I have 5 kids who I want to invest my life into and provide the foundation they need for a successful life. I had a wonderful childhood within my parents church, and I want that same experience for them. It also, in turn, has made for amazing growth in me as a person, which I am so grateful for! Proudest moment

My kids were fighting over a toy. I told them the story of the Good Samaritan, (moral of the story is if you love someone, it will show in your actions). I then applied that principal to them, if they love each other, it will show and they will share their toys. Then my eldest (almost 5 years old) asks me, “daddy, I love you! What can I do to show you?” I smiled and pat her on the head, not expecting it to go anywhere really. Next thing I know, she is coming to me with the soap, “how do I put the soap in the dishwasher?” She literally did the dishes at 4 years old to show me she loves me!! Still makes me tear up today! Proud dad!

When I’m not working

Either at church, or with my family.

Favorite Destinations.

Italy (can’t wait to take my wife one day!)

Best advice

For work - always be nice, we will all work with each other again down the road, don’t make enemies.

For life - Come to my church! Jesus has brought me more fulfillment than anything. If you don’t have Him, you should consider it.

Hidden Talents

I can lick my elbow.

Nick Name

Italian (when I play video games, everyone calls me this).


My kids making bad life choices.

Fun Fact

My grandpa fought in WW2.... for the Axis

Guilty pleasures

Video games, I do enjoy them.

Something you probably shouldn’t have done

Gotten eloped at 21 years old without my family even meeting the woman.... worst decision of my life.

Favorite Quote

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Why John L. Scott Mukilteo?

I chose JLS because Michelle Hamshaw was from our office. I checked out a few offices, but didn’t care about anything other than, I want to learn everything I can from this woman, she is who I inspire to be as an agent.

Since joining, I’ve really become family with everyone! I absolutely love the atmosphere our offices have, and am constantly challenged and encouraged by all of you! I see the cut throat nature of other offices, and I have never wanted any of that. Our office is simply the best, no question about it.

We are currently hiring new and experienced real estate brokers!

Contact us to learn more.

12221 Village Center Place Suite 103, Mukilteo WA 98275

Office Phone: (425) 493-6400

18333 Bothell Way NE #107, Bothell, WA 98011

(425) 949-8434

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