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Commuting Communities

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Tired of sitting in hours of traffic on your way to work?

What are the best cities to live in if you have a daily commute to work in downtown Seattle?

A recent study revealed the TOP 10 cities for commuters near Seattle.

The cities were ranked by a points system based on factors such as, commute time, housing, crime rates, and school ratings.

10. Mercer Island, with a score of 69.8, has the shortest commute of any top 10 city, along with the highest-ranked schools and lowest crime rate, but ranks lower due to its $1 million median home value - twice as high as Issaquah.

9. Edmonds, with a score of 70.2, boasts a good blend of all criteria important to commuters. With access to the Sounder Train and the waterfront it has a lot to offer.

8. Mountlake Terrace, with a score of 70.5, has the most affordable housing of any of the top 10 cities.

7. Bellevue, with a score of 70.7, has one of the shortest commutes but ranks lower than other cities due to its higher housing prices.

6. Kenmore, with a score of 71.3, has the second-lowest crime rate of all the top 10 cities.

5. Shoreline, with a score of 73.2, has the longest commute among the top 10 cities but makes up for it due to its comparatively affordable housing and above average school system.

4. Redmond, with a score of 74.1, has a comparatively short commute and the second-highest ranked school system.

3. Lake Forest Park, with a score of 77.5, ranks above average across the board.

2. Kirkland, with a score of 77.7, has above average scores in all criteria.

And coming in at #1: Issaquah

Issaquah had the highest score of 81.3, ranking above average across all four criteria, the study found, with the second-shortest commute time of all cities in the top 10, a lower average home price than many other commuter cities and a highly ranked school system.


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