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Commuting Communities

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Tired of sitting in hours of traffic on your way to work?

What are the best cities to live in if you have a daily commute to work in downtown Seattle?

A recent study revealed the TOP 10 cities for commuters near Seattle.

The cities were ranked by a points system based on factors such as, commute time, housing, crime rates, and school ratings.

10. Mercer Island, with a score of 69.8, has the shortest commute of any top 10 city, along with the highest-ranked schools and lowest crime rate, but ranks lower due to its $1 million median home value - twice as high as Issaquah.

9. Edmonds, with a score of 70.2, boasts a good blend of all criteria important to commuters. With access to the Sounder Train and the waterfront it has a lot to offer.

8. Mountlake Terrace, with a score of 70.5, has the most affordable housing of any of the top 10 cities.

7. Bellevue, with a score of 70.7, has one of the shortest commutes but ranks lower than other cities due to its higher housing prices.

6. Kenmore, with a score of 71.3, has the second-lowest crime rate of all the top 10 cities.

5. Shoreline, with a score of 73.2, has the longest commute among the top 10 cities but makes up for it due to its comparatively affordable housing and above average school system.