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Furry Friends Friday Pet of the Week! May 28, 2021

Homeward Pet Adoption Center of Woodinville introduces us to new pets of the week that are available for adoption!

05.31.21 Pepper

Pepper is absolutely the king of pep! He is never seen without a toy in his mouth and a tail wagging at the speed of light. Pepper greets everybody by showing off his favorite toy – but what toy he opts to show you changes each time! Pepper believes variety is the spice of life, and he’s happiest when he has lots and lots of toys to choose from. This 6-year-old lab mix is looking to be the only dog in his new home but we don’t know if he’s ever met cats, so any introductions should be done slowly. Any kids in the home should be in their teen years. If you’re ready to welcome the happiest boy around into your family, send in an adoption application today!