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How To Get More Listings – In Depth 3 Part Tutorial (1)

If you are a real estate agent that is looking for more listings then you should watch this 3 part training session on how to get more listings consistently in 2022 and forever, using the Influencer Strategy.

The Influencer Strategy teaches you how to Future Proof your real estate business.

You will learn:

  1. What is an Influencer

  2. What do Home Sellers want from an agent

  3. How to grow your Reputation

  4. Becoming an Expert (Investing, Innovative Products, Tech, Marketing, Negotiation)

  5. Video Content to attract sellers

  6. Using your iPhone for Time Management

  7. Using your iPhone to purposefully Engage

  8. Best practices for Communicating

  9. What is Upstream Marketing

  10. Best practices for Multi-Channel Marketing

  11. Scripts (Texting, Videos, Phone Calls, Emails)

  12. How to get B2B Business

  13. Put it all together to Win More Listings

Hosted by Howard Chung VP of affiliate sales for John L Scott real estate. Howard Chung has been in the real estate industry for 25 years as a top producing agent, manager, executive, and coach.

We provide some follow up action items, access to download the slides of the presentation and all the tools necessary to build a real estate empire.

*WARNING* If you are looking for a quick fix, the silver bullet or the easy button for getting more listings this is not it. Additionally, there is no such thing. This is a workshop that will guide you to becoming a professional listing agent.

PART 1 – Training Topics


I always like to remind people that I sell real estate. Whenever you hear a speaker talk and they’re talking about real estate strategies or tactics you should ask if you actually sell real estate. Some experts haven’t sold real estate.

I still remember all the emotions when your own business life is going up and down and when clients’ lives are going up and down. I think that’s very important in terms of context, whenever you hear somebody speak and share about real estate strategies.

I think the principles are very much the same over many many years and generations

We are just people. Technologies change, certain tactics change, consumer behaviors change, and that’s what we’ve got to adjust to. We need to recognize consumer behavior is changing and where our behavior is changing. Those little nuances.

Some people disagree with me and say you should just make a phone call. I’ll talk about that as we go along, but there are certain principles that exist.


Let’s talk about something called the influencer workshop. Do you all know what I mean by influencer?

Let me explain what I mean by influencer because influencer can literally mean a social media influencer or media influencer. There have always been influencers in various ways but the media that they’ve used has been very different.

Right now we’re in something called web 2.0. I’m not going to go too much into the Metaverse conversation but we should understand a few high-level principles. There used to be something called web 1.0, then web 2.0 and now we’re entering into a phase called web 3.0.

Web 1.0 was the classic where you went to a website and you looked at information on that website. You needed to have search engines like Alta Vista and Lycos,for those of you who remember those days, Yahoo became very popular in that space. You would search for websites by going to a search site, this is pre-google days, and everybody had an AOL email address and we had the dial up classic internet connections.

Fast forward all the way to something called the dot-com boom followed by the dot-com bust. Those were all centralized web services or web 1.0.

Then comes Web 2.0 that is not even that old actually. What is Web 2.0? The high level concept is ‘we created the internet’ or people created the internet. Web 2.0 is a lot of the social media content that we create. You didn’t create the content on web 1.0 you just visited websites so it was a one-way experience. Web 2.0 is creating the internet with everything that we share.

At the same time mobile devices are starting to become very popular. You’ve got the content being created by the people using mobile technology and then higher speed internet. Because if you remember in the early days where it was 3g. It had a very slow internet connection, you could not even watch videos on the early mobile devices, you could barely share photos.

Fast forward and there is this major shift and ongoing improvement of mobile technology. We’ve got to stop thinking about mobile in terms of just the phone in your pocket, mobile now is the mobile watch. There is no need to have my phone. If your watch has its own radio band we can literally make phone calls, ect. It’s not like this is even new but all these radio devices are so fast on all the smart devices now.

We’re also going to have AR technology in our glasses, in combination with 5g and fiber internet. You add that on top of these trillion dollar companies like the company Meta. When I say Meta people sometimes don’t realize that Facebook is now under the brand Meta. Facebook,Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus and others are all under the Meta brand.

According to a New York Times article that came out earlier this year 25% of jobs hired by Meta are for web 3.0. it’s for the Metaverse that hasn’t been released yet. I have a friend who works at Meta and he’s an engineer and a developer and I asked him “what do you work on”? He said most of us are working on AR Glasses.

VR is different from AR. When I say AR a lot of people associate Pokemon Go, but do not associate Pokemon Go with AR. The way that Zuckerberg describes Pokemon Go is more of a geo based game that’s not actual AR. With real AR you will have a heads-up display. Many of you have seen cars with heads-up displays, you can see through that heads-up display into the glass. A quick little notification you see and it is very clear.

Apple has patents for AR and VR and Facebook already owns Oculus the VR glasses. They’re in a race to develop these AR glasses. I asked my friend what the goal is for his department and he said it’s so you no longer need your mobile device.

Facebook and Instagram, which are all about the mobile device, are working to make it so that you don’t need the mobile device. Your day-to-day communication, all the notifications, everything that you need it’s all built into the AR glasses.

By the way, your mobile device is no longer a communication tool, it’s more of a video consumption device. We used to use it as a phone and for texting. If you actually measure the number of hours per day on the average device it is used for video consumption.

You used to need an iPod then an iPad for consumption. Mobile devices are so big now you can pretty much consume constantly on them, it’s a consumption device. If our phones are a consumption device and we recognize what influencers are then the question is ‘who am I influencing’? What’s the content that Ii’m sharing that’s going to help me be an influencer moving into the future.

There are crazy influencers out there and I am not talking about them, I’m talking about us being the influencers.

We have to have an influencer strategy as part of our game plan, part of our business plan.

I have to have an upstream game plan all regarding influencer strategy. We’re going to talk a lot about that. We’re also going to talk about time management. I think it’s great to have ideas and strategies but unless you actually have it built into a regular rhythm of your day it’s pretty much useless. It’s good to have information but there’s a lot of people with a lot of brain knowledge and they don’t really do anything with that.

We have to have a balance between knowledge and execution. Execution occurs through our habits and that’s back to time management. We can’t manage time we can only manage ourselves so we’re going to be talking a little about that later.


In order to talk about the influencer strategy we need to ask ourselves ‘what do consumers want?’

We should look at things like the 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers by the NAR and the number one thing that a real estate consumer, a buyer, seller or homeowner, is looking for in a real estate agent is the reputation of the agent. It’s actually the same every year.

If I’m gonna move from here to Arizona or to Florida or anywhere in the world, I need a real estate professional who has local knowledge of real estate markets, the communities, the schools, the local restaurant scenes, all the things that you like. If you’re gonna move somewhere you want somebody with a really good reputation. now

I don’t want to just go to somebody that is an influencer. I want to make sure that they have an understanding and knowledge of the real estate market and the local economy. I want to be able to trust in somebody. I want somebody who’s honest who’s not going to lie to me, that’s reputation

  1. Is the agent honest and trustworthy?

  2. Is the agent a friend or family member which also is associated with honesty and trustworthiness?

  3. Agents knowledge of the neighborhood

  4. Agent has a good personality and is a good listener.

  5. Reputation of the agents firm


I’m looking for a Seattle specialist, you should use Jason and Joe or whoever the referral is. Even though I was just recommended to them the very first thing I do is Google them. The very first thing that shows up on google is the reviews.

I hope every one of you is not just on Zillow reviews. Zillow reviews are kind of secondary at this point. The very first place you’re going to be searched is not Facebook, it’s not Zillow, it’s Google.

If I type in Cindi rice real estate, Cindi Rice Seattle or Cindi Rice John L Scott and boom it instantly pops up because you created your local Google Business profile, which takes you minutes. And I don’t see any reviews, you’re in trouble.

How do you get a Google review super easy? You just say, hey friend, hey sister, hey brother, hey mom, hey kid write me a review please. The review from your broker is, hey as the managing brokers of this company Ciindy is one of the most professional and consistent… Then there’s this nice leadership review.

Sometimes you have a client testimonial and it’s on Facebook or Yelp. Copy and paste what they wrote on Facebook or Yelp and email it to them and say, ‘hey here’s a link to my Google Page, would you click this link and copy and paste what you wrote for me right onto there’?

Where else should you have reviews? It’s okay to have the same reviews in different places. I’m not even talking about Zillow. It is fine to have them there and you have to have enough reviews on zillow. is fine to have.

The three places I would focus most in terms of reviews is Google, Yelp ( if possible, the thing with Yelp is unless you happen to know somebody who yelps regularly then your review will not stick. It’s written but it never shows up or never populates which is fine) and the 3rd place that most people forget is Linkedin. You’re working in a city, if I work for Microsoft it’s linkedin, and I go to Linkedin I need a recent review on Linkedin.

Some of you have not updated your Linkedin and you really need to make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date. You have a professional photo, you’re sharing content on there from time to time and just make sure your profile is complete with reviews.

Google, Yelp and Linkedin. If possible facebook then zillow and maybe That’s all part of reputation.

I would use keywords like: honest and trustworthy, friend or family member, knowledge of the neighborhood, good personality and is a good listener, reputation of the firm.

Was I honest and trustworthy? Yes. How was my communication? Wonderful. Would you write something specific along that line? Then I see the stars and if I did drill down at all on any of those reviews, boom, this individual is solid.

Cindy was recommended and referred and popped up as soon as I started Googling her and her reviews are solid. That is a concept that you really need to do. How to get more listings, make sure you are getting some reviews written for you.


  1. Honesty and integrity

  2. Knowledge of the process

  3. Knowledge of the real estate market

  4. Communication skills

  5. Negotiation skills

  6. People skills

These are all very important. When it comes to communication skills we all think we’re good at communication.

Agents are notoriously horrible at communication. If you have been in the business for a while you know that some agents just never respond to you and you’re doing a deal with them. How in the world is that agent in the business? They literally do not respond, they don’t pick up the phone, they don’t respond to text, they don’t respond. How is this person in business? Sometimes they’re successful!

Communication skills are so critical so we need to understand how the other person likes to communicate. That’s such an important piece to make sure you’re talking about your level of communication.

We will cover this in more depth later in the video.


I would recommend as you take notes you put a little checkbox next to the note. You’re making a commitment when you create a little checkbox and over the next three to five days, it cannot be seven days if you take a class a week ago you’ve already forgotten a bunch of stuff, so within the next three to five days max you commit to an action item. Today, tomorrow or the next day, up to five days you are going to do this action item. Committing to it right now because that’s what’s gonna make a big difference.

For Example, checkbox number 1: download the slide deck. Checkbox number 2: review the notes. Checkbox number 3: Memorize the 6 areas of content.


We recently had the Olympics and there were three medals: the gold medal, the silver medal and the bronze medal and there are 2 categories of content ideas in each level of medal. If you’re going for six percent of commission make sure each area is worth at least one percent. This is the best way to get listings in 2022.


#1 is my Market Expertise. When somebody says, ‘how’s the market?’ Remember it is how the market is in relation to them. That’s the question.

You cannot say the market’s fantastic, it’s incredible and they are thinking;

Oh really I've just lost like the last seven offers I've written’.  

It sucks for them and you were saying it’s fantastic.

Five percent interest rate crap it was a three now it's at five my payments have just gone up sucks for me’.  

You need to understand the context of the question. It is How’s the market relevant to me. What’s the market is also what’s the job market, what’s the local economy, what’s happening in the national economy, what does it mean the war in Ukraine, the more knowledge and news that you have the more of a market expert you will be.

My trust in you starts to increase the more as you’re able to talk about things like, the days of inventory, percentage of homes that sell in the first 30 days, what interest rates mean for me, the fact that you understand what an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) is. There’s people who might not know what an ARM is.

Why is an adjustable rate mortgage very relevant for you to understand right now? Because the interest rates have gone up considerably and it may be a better financial fit. The average life of a mortgage used to be all the way down to two years, maybe five. Do you really need a 30-year fixed rate of five and a quarter when you can go for an adjustable rate mortgage? Chances are you’re not gonna keep your mortgage for five years.

Maybe this is your first home and you should go ahead and get an adjustable rate mortgage and make it more affordable so you can actually buy the house. Then if the economy does shift and there is a recession what’s most likely going to happen if the inflation isn’t going to go up well it could go down. It could be fairly safe to get an adjustable rate mortgage. Go ahead and talk to your mortgage advisor. If you’re absolutely fixed you’re going to keep it for 30 years even though most people don’t, that’s great.

That’s all knowledge, information that you’re sharing, that’s all market expertise. You understand the real estate market, you understand the ebbs and flows and all these changes that are happening and you’re gonna have confidence when you’re able to talk about the real estate market.

Whenever somebody asks you a question like how’s the market? (this is just sales 101, when somebody asks you a question you’re able to ask a question back) What are you looking to do? What’s your current situation? Always ask a question back.


What is your Marketing Expertise? The fact that they understand that you are a marketer, that you understand how to market homes.

I always need to be sharing content in relation to ‘when I list the home one of the first things that i do is I check to see if there’s…’.

If you guys are gonna actually sell a house in the suburbs what’s the first thing you’re gonna be curious about? I would say the internet. I was just in Pullman. I saw a new development and right on the A board they marketed Fiber. We’re out in the sticks. What’s the situation with the internet? fiber, we got fiber. That’s huge, some people hate Comcast, for example, what’s my alternative?

What about all the 5g, AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile commercials we are seeing about the 5g devices. With download speeds like 500 or 600 down. People have a lot of mixed reactions with them in terms of actual use cases. I had it for 3 days and it just wasn’t good enough yet. Where these things are available makes a big difference, the internet is huge.

What’s the water situation, what’s the internet situation then what are the restaurants like, what’s the school’s like, what’s all these other things but the internet thing is huge.

One of the first things I check when I market a house is if there’s alternatives to Comcast. What’s the high-speed internet connection? Is there 5g available? All those little things I additionally market in terms of how I market a home. It is so crucial especially in a COVID Post COVID environment and moving into the future. It’s just one of the ways I market homes.

I’m constantly doing a listing presentation all the time because I’m just giving a quick little marketing tip. Such as;

Hey everybody happy Spring if you haven't checked your attic and your crawl space this is an important time for you to do that’. Why? What are you checking for? When you check a crawl space or an attic look for water and pests. I've been in so many home inspections where we do the home inspection and we discover water which can be a major challenge to a transaction'.  

One of the first things I always like to do is tell everybody to check the crawl space for water and check the attic to see if there’s been any water intrusion over the winter time. You might discover that there was water leakage somehow. Take the sniff test which is if it smells funky at all. Mold, water or pest situations are a major issue especially if you’re not trying to finish a transaction.

Get it taken care of early. That’s a great marketing tip. Get ahead of that rather than taking the listing and finding out there’s dry rot or there’s water or there’s pests. There’s all of all these things now you have to do before you actually get the house on the market.

Do marketing expertise types of things;

Hey everybody I'm with my home inspector today and we're about to do a home inspection but before we start Mr. Inspector: What's the first thing you do when you come to a house?' 
'I do what's called a walk around’.  
'During the walk around what are you looking for'?  
‘Anything that's touching up against the house, any kind of dry rot situation. I'm looking through my binoculars. I'm looking to see the debris on the roof. I'm looking for some basic things. You can walk around your house like you're a home inspector and see if there's any brush, etc…'  

This is all content gold. Every single time I’m in a home inspection, every time there’s a sales meeting or my mortgage person shares updates that are content.

If your mortgage person shares about the fact that jumbo rates are actually lower than conventional rates, what the heck jumbo rates are lower than conventional so if you’re gonna get a mortgage close to 760K you might actually end up being able to buy more house, get a higher mortgage to be qualified with a slightly lower interest rate and get a jumbo rate.

These are all about market expertise, marketing expertise and having an understanding of what you can talk about. Listen and make little notes about content gold. The best part is you don’t even have to say it yourself.

Something like;

Hey everybody I was just at a home inspection, I was just at a sales meeting and my mortgage person was just talking about this and that. Tell us Mortgage person one more time what you were sharing today about this and that'.  

Next thing you know all you’re doing is you’re interviewing. You’re curating content from somebody else but it’s through your channel.

Market expertise and marketing expertise is about increasing your reputation. If you’re a brand new agent and I know you from your old world, your reputation with me right now is I’m not quite sure. I know your reputation in a certain context but not in this new context as a real estate expert. Now I feel a little more confident referring to you and using you for my own sale. Asking you questions about real estate. That’s all part of reputation. Make sure we understand marketing

Let’s go over the silver medal. Just imagine if I was doing gold medal reputation content on a regular basis I’m going to be fairly good.


When it comes to negotiation skills people make up stuff all the time which I don’t appreciate. I appreciate it from the perspective that we do need to be able to say something but if you don’t actually have negotiation skills don’t say that you have negotiation skills. Work on your negotiation skills. Read a book.

Nine out of ten agents have not read a negotiation book, nine out of ten agents have not taken the negotiation class, one out of a thousand agents have gotten their CNE, the Certified Negotiation Expert designation.

I want you to be a negotiator for me especially in a market like this. Where especially if you’re representing the buyer I need a really solid negotiator.

'Hi, it is Howard Chung. In today's video I want to talk about something called the black swan. The black swan is a negotiation theory that most real estate agents don't do. The worst thing that can happen is you go into a transaction and the deal falls apart  because of an unknown.  A black swan is what's unknown of the unknowns.  I always try to discover those early on so that the transactions stick together all the way through closing and no surprises happen.  It's just one of the strategies that I use.' 
‘That sounds amazing’. 

Black Swan is a strategy from the Chris Voss book, Never Split the Difference. The staple negotiation book.

Do not use the win-win strategy. He negates the whole win-win Harvard negotiation strategy. When you hear about the win-win and win-lose it is based upon the Harvard negotiation strategy. Chris went up against those guys at Harvard and now he’s the one teaching the classes at Harvard of that whole process.

It’s very important for you to have a few negotiation skills and he gives great phrases such as; How do you want me to do that? When you ask a question like how do you want me to do that all sorts of stuff comes out from the other party. I’ve got 3 more negotiation skills than the next person.

Haggling, by the way, is not negotiation.

Whenever you split the difference you are haggling and just because you like the process, you don’t mind it or you’re a little bit more of a hard-nosed haggler that is not negotiation. You can actually kill transactions and deals through that process.

I knew a great negotiator. He was a negotiator for Boeing in terms of multi-billion dollar deals. Do you think he’s a hard-nosed haggler? No, he’s a researcher. He does a ton of research constantly. Who’s my client? What’s the need? He dives as deep as possible and doesn’t make assumptions. Ask the right questions, that’s negotiation.

When you are really really good with some of those negotiation questions and your approach. Face to face and voice to voice is different from an email. Nine out of ten agents will just email back and forth and never even meet the other party. That’s your best shot of negotiation? What?

Negotiating with your own client in terms of having conversations like how much do you want this property? What would happen if you lost this one? What would happen if in three years another house like this one never comes back on the market? Interest rates have actually gone up as well as if home prices go up and you would never be able to afford a house like this again how would you feel? How much off are you asking right

Now, for what purpose?

You understand. Your ability to negotiate on their behalf is with your own clients sometimes. There’s so much in terms of the negotiation theory and understanding. Become an expert at negotiations, make it a goal. Negotiation theory, by the way, and your ability to execute it takes years of practice. Just like the Chris Voss situation, asking the questions, understanding how to utilize all those strategies and skills. Just understand them, just use some of the negotiation skills.

There is a book that is literally one of the best books in the world called, Influence. If you’ve not read that book, read that book.

If you’re a personality type that buys books that never reads them and it literally sits on the shelf don’t buy the books. I kid you not, you buy a book assuming that you’ll read it. You won’t read it. If you’re in the car and you’re listening I think everybody should have an audible account. Audible, do the month subscription.

Download, Never Split the Difference which is your negotiation book already mentioned. Download Influence by Robert Cialdini which is an amazing book. He’ll go through all the strategies of influence, not influencer strategy, the things that cause people to make decisions.

Understand a few really solid negotiation skills and that way you’re gonna become a negotiator and that’s content for you.

Hey everybody, one of the additional ways I  like to negotiate is I like to instead of just emailing a contract, whenever the agent's available Zoom in with them’. 

There’s a whole talk right now in the state of Washington about also making it illegal for the love letters thing. I think we might become the second state to abandon love letters. I always like to talk about love letters because some people really like love letters. Ii used to teach them way back in the day before I understood what it actually did in regard to diversity, the whole fair housing act and all the different ways that they can actually be abused.

The other thing is you can give them all this emotional information with this love letter from the buyers they can give to the listing agent and the listing agent gives it to the seller and the seller can get mad at the listing agent for sharing that love letter. You’ve just influenced them to pick this offer which might be lower than another offer but I feel guilty for not giving it to that person. You should have never given me that letter. There’s a whole lot of theories regarding love letters now I’m in the camp of no love letters just the terms.

If I know a reputable agent, who’s a producer, who’s ethical I’m gonna do a deal with them and feel really confident as an agent. Versus just like what company does this agent work for. I’ve never heard of this agent.

You can do a little research and maybe find out they only did two deals last year. I know I’ve got to do double or triple the work. I’m going to be less confident in that agent unless I’ve had a conversation with that person. They’ve given me a little confidence.

I’m  just letting you know if you do a little research on me. I know I'm a newer agent, however I just want to give you some assurance that I've done all the right things.  I've got a really solid team behind me.'  
Thank you so much for sharing that I'm much more confident’.  

I’m just more confident in the agent having done the due diligence. You can even share something like, ’last year 100% of my deals went to closing on time with no delays and when I present my client I go through every last detail and also we’re fully underwritten’.

When you’re able to articulate those details, even as a new agent, the other agent feels much more confident. Versus just a, ‘hey I just emailed you an offer text’. That’s all good but you can take it to the next level.

Make sure that your negotiation skills are on point in order to get more listings and buyers.


Operational integrity means that my transactions are tight, not Lucy goosey. I’ve got a process regarding the transactions.

Hey everybody it's Howard Chung with John Scott real estate. I just want to let you know I just did an analysis and I knew this all the way through but in all of the last two years during COVID every single one of my transactions 100% of them closed on time’.  

If you’re able to share something like that online my confidence in you and my idea of your reputation just went up.

If you’ve ever done a real estate transaction where there was a delay and you were nervous about it closing at all or on time, that’s a big concern for a lot of people. One thing I take a lot of pride in is my operational integrity.

I like the word integrity, people like the word integrity, so you use the word operational integrity.

It has everything to do with the transaction process and the negotiation; it’s the overall process. Basically saying I’m an A-type personality even though you’re not you’ve got A-type transaction and management processes. You need to be extremely tight when it comes to real estate transactions and you share that.

Pay attention to the 6 categories and create content on a regular basis in regard to that whenever a situation happens during a real estate transaction. Jot down a little note, you all have a notes app. Your notes App should be constant content. I should do a video about this one, got to do a message about this one.

Every time you get emails that come from your mortgage person, title and escrow any of those types of things take a minute to read it just 60 seconds. There’s content gold here.

It Takes 60 seconds to review a title, a lot of people just file it, they don’t read it at all. Take 60 seconds to just make sure you’ve glanced it over, no big deal.

Hey everybody just wanted to let you know one of the things that a lot of agents do is they don't even review the title, they don't review CC&R's, and resale certs. I take the time to understand what's basically going on because it is critical for you’.  

Then share it, but you can’t say if you’re not doing it. Lying about your skills is not how to get more listings and will ultimately do irreversible harm.

Number one is increasing your operational integrity and increasing your negotiation skills and then sharing the fact that you’re being solid about that.


Consistent communication, not constant communication, consistent communication. Consistent communication is, I know how often you like to be communicated with. Minimum once a week, minimum.

Hey Terry, it's Howard happy Monday just want to let you know we had the open house over the weekend here's the statistics,  here's what happened,  you could take a look at the links below it was a great open house. We're probably going to get two offers on the house I’m anticipating on the Tuesday offer review day’.  
Terry, just wanted to let you know we're still waiting on the appraisal. I've made a bunch of communication calls calling in favors because the appraisers are so backed up right now as soon as I know I'll let you know, I still don't have the answer though’. 

That’s better than not telling him. Or hey, I was waiting to get the answers and then I was gonna tell you. I have to tell them. Every single Monday after the weekend I’ve got to do a little update to all my sellers.

I will save some of you some time or maybe you have already felt this.

Hey jason, just want you to  know a brand new listing just hit the MLS and I want to tell you about it and meets all of our criteria’.  
Thank you so much but we actually bought a house three weeks ago’.   
What, where did you buy’?  
It's not your fault it's completely outside the area I told you we were looking in and it's more expensive and it's much smaller in lot size and square footage. My mom just happened to text me. I toured the listing and the agent there said they had three other offers and I had to write it with them on the spot. Thank you so much, you are great’. 

Whose fault is this? It’s my fault.

If you have a buyer that is a B1. A B1 Buyer means;

  1. Ready

  2. Willing

  3. Able buyer

Who’s waiting for a house to come on the market they will not wait that long. They will get anxious and because you’re not showing them what they asked you to show them because it doesn’t exist it’s your fault.

Hey Jason, happy Monday. I know nothing this last week came on the market; however, just for fun, it went a little higher in terms of price and smaller in square footage out further into the boonies. Just for fun, I'm going to text and email it. We might want to take a look at it, just for fun’.  

At least once a week if not twice a week.


Just for fun is a magic word, it’s a magic word you should use all the time. Just for fun, just for kicks.

Hey, just for fun, I was out there anyway’.  

Whenever somebody says we’re looking for a house in Bothell…

'You know what's really nice?  Mount Vernon. It's like 45 minutes from Bothell. Just for fun, it's beautiful out there. Do you know what you can get for $800K?'  
'I never thought about that.' 
There is high speed internet there'. 

They think Bothell is more affordable than Bellevue but it is still so competitive, good luck. This is the world we’re living in.

Keep consistent communication once a week at a bare minimum.

With your B1’s not your B2’s and B3’s. Again, a B1 is a ready, willing and able buyer they’re ready to buy right now with no contingencies.

A B2 Buyer is somebody who has a contingency of some kind we need to wait for some reason. Such as they need to get their credit in order or we need to sell a house first or something to that effect.

A B3 Buyer is someone who if the perfect house came on the market in 10 years I might look at it.

A B3 is often a B1 that you don’t know because they’re about to get fired or they’re about to get a divorce or they’re about to have a baby. There’s a whole series of things that can happen where a B3 instantly becomes a B1. They didn’t even think about it, just keep that in mind.


The number 6 content category for how to get more listings in 2022 is your Tech Stack.

‘I'm not very techy’.  

Don’t ever ever say that, if you have a mobile device you’re techy. You’re tech savvy enough and you’re becoming more. You are literally one Youtube video away from being way more tech savvy on that one topic than everybody else. Never give that impression that you are not very tech savvy, you are.

Go to Costco;

Hey everybody it's Howard, I'm at Costco today and I just bought a bunch of these Feit wi-fi light bulbs. These are smart light bulbs for every single one of my listings. These are Google and Alexa enabled. Remember when they used to cost $50 back like eight years ago, they  are now $5  and there's no hub necessary.  I can literally take my  app and change all the colors.  Most homes have an Alexa or Google device.  I just swap out the bulbs and check this out… Alexa turns on the kitchen lights. Boom, Alexa changed it to the Seahawks colors. Boom, that's so cool right? It just makes the house look a little cooler. For every single one of my listings I like to change a few of the light bulbs and put out a little sign that says' Alexa turn on the lights’. 

Now I am a tech savvy agent. I highly encourage you to start understanding everything regarding tech.

Hey everybody, iI just watched a youtube video on cryptocurrency,  I just watched a youtube video on decentralized finance called defi, I just watched a video on,  iI just learned about, I just heard about, I'm here at Best Buy and I  want to feature…’.  

You’re now looking very tech savvy.

‘Hey everybody, I just got a new CRM system, our new whatever system', there's always something new you can talk about briefly. 
‘You're very tech savvy’. 

All the little tools.

Hey everybody, this is my cool little gimbal or camera or whatever,  you always look tech savvy’.  

People want to work with somebody who is tech savvy or tech forward.

6 broad categories that you can do millions of pieces of content around, 1% for each one. You won’t get the question;

What kind of discount would you give me’?

I’m constantly working on my reputation in those three medals or six categories and that is how to get more listings.

For access to the slides used in the full presentation you can download them here:

1. Be sure to create a repeating/recurring calendar event for “Calendaring, Collecting, Categorizing, and Campaigning” at least once per week where you are committed to connecting with people through video, email, zoom, text, social, face-to-face, etc. The link to the content calendar can be found in the Scripts #1 above.

2. Work on your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Here’s a link to the book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr

3. Work on your CRM/Database including name, telephone, email address, home address, home value, where they want to move next, etc. Don’t forget about the the UCR Labs as a great resource:

4. Purchase Tools such as microphone, tri-pod, ring light, and Osmo Pocket video camera/gimbal

5. Create a free Zoom account and practice sharing your screen with one another. Then be sure to send the calendar invite to clients and give them a market update!

6. Download the Google Photos App on your Phone and send one on one videos by sharing the video link once uploaded to Google Photos from your phone. You can share the photo link through text but DO NOT try to send the massive native video file through SMS/MMS. Alternatively, sign up for a bombbomb account

7. Grab ‘B-Roll’ video footage every time you’re previewing, showing homes, out in the neighborhoods, etc. Remember they should be 3-5 second clips (don’t worry about your audio for these clips). Create an archive of video clips in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Photos (download the app and login at

8. Download the Promptsmart Pro app for your phone and use the teleprompter function. Write scripts of hyper-local communities like your favorite neighborhoods, streets, sub-divisions, restaurants, plazas, etc.

9. Try out (mobile app and web versions) and/or to bring together your video clips and voiceover to tell a story of your community, neighborhood, interviews with clients, local business owners, school teachers, etc.

10. Visit and be sure to start a boosting campaign (re-marketing) to your spheres of influence with these videos!

Thank you and we hope this helps you with how to get more listings in 2022, and be sure to send me examples of some of your videos!

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