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How To Get More Listings – In Depth 3 Part Tutorial (3)

If you are a real estate agent that is looking for more listings then you should watch this 3 part training session on how to get more listings consistently in 2022 and forever, using the Influencer Strategy.

The Influencer Strategy teaches you how to Future Proof your real estate business.

You will learn:

  1. What is an Influencer

  2. What do Home Sellers want from an agent

  3. How to grow your Reputation

  4. Becoming an Expert (Investing, Innovative Products, Tech, Marketing, Negotiation)

  5. Video Content to attract sellers

  6. Using your iPhone for Time Management

  7. Using your iPhone to purposefully Engage

  8. Best practices for Communicating

  9. What is Upstream Marketing

  10. Best practices for Multi-Channel Marketing

  11. Scripts (Texting, Videos, Phone Calls, Emails)

  12. How to get B2B Business

  13. Put it all together to Win More Listings

Hosted by Howard Chung VP of affiliate sales for John L Scott real estate. Howard Chung has been in the real estate industry for 25 years as a top producing agent, manager, executive, and coach.

We provide some follow up action items, access to download the slides of the presentation and all the tools necessary to build a real estate empire.

*WARNING* If you are looking for a quick fix, the silver bullet or the easy button for getting more listings this is not it. Additionally, there is no such thing. This is a workshop that will guide you to becoming a professional listing agent.

PART 3 : Workshop Topics


The reason why I show a picture of the original Big Bertha driver is because when you play golf with a wood for so long you don’t think I’ll make it out of metal one time, yet that’s exactly what Callaway did.

They basically changed the industry by creating the first metal wood. All woods are actually metal right now.

The way you have to think about Amazon is they started with books but now they’re content creators. Our Amazon accounts are associated with content.

We know about the Netflix thing because so many streaming services are so good. We’re paying Disney every single month, well most of us are. Everybody is turning to delivering content, video content.


The Madrona Group has an amazing Youtube channel, in fact I think Youtube is Rewarding Them.

Youtube is long form, it does not have to be short. Youtube is education and entertainment. Youtube is for SEO.

You have a Youtube page, you just might not have uploaded content. Go to and log in with your Gmail address. Then it wants you to upload a video. Simply add your details to the profile and change up the header.

This is just one good simple example, Living in Raleigh TV. None of his videos are very good by the way, just some guy in Raleigh. It’s just like most. He does take the time, which is really important on Youtube, to create those fun little images.

How do you make those? What’s a free and simple way to create those? If you don’t have a Canva account get a Canva account it’s free. 500,000 templates taking like 3 seconds to customize. Just screenshot your video and then throw in some background images of arrows and all sorts of things. Those things are very important.

Look at the titles on the Living in Raleigh TV Youtube Channel. “Most affordable suburbs near Raleigh”, “how to buy a new construction home”, “best rooftop bars and restaurants”, “most underrated suburbs”, “how new home buyers are taking advantage of something”, “10 things I love about living in North Carolina”, “who is to blame for the Raleigh real estate market”. The videos have 2,100 views, 2,400 views, 8,000 views. They’re all long form. 21 minutes, 13 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes.

These are the ones you don’t have to worry about editing as much as you’re just talking.

Hey everybody, I'm sitting down with my home inspector today.’  

I’m having a long form conversation. I’m doing an interview and it can be long. In fact when I go to Youtube and I see anything under 60 seconds I don’t even watch it. When I’m on Youtube I’m looking for a deeper education. I’m looking for that 8 minute, 12 minutes, 15 minute video . 75 minutes? No, I don’t want that one. There’s a sweet spot when it comes to some of the real estate education.

If it’s a 40-minute interview, break it up into four parts, part one, two, three and four. It’s simple, don’t forget your SEO. With our mobile devices if you don’t want to type anymore just start talking and have your phone transcribe.

Agents are not utilizing Youtube. Youtube is SEO gold. Search: “what’s happening in Ballard real estate market 2022”. That video is not done right now. You guys should be making that video.

Increase your length on Youtube, in my opinion. From there you can do the highlight reel.

Hey everybody, it's Howard Chung just wanted to let you know what's happening…’ quick, quick, quick, quick.   
'If you want to watch the full-length video of this, click on my Youtube video below.' 

You can do one of those right now. Youtube is for that SEO, long term or evergreen, the views and your reputation. Your Youtube channel is an important website so make sure you’ve all started an amazing one.

Kwasi in Seattle has been doing video for a long time and I talked to him recently. I said hey Kwasi, you don’t have that many views on Youtube. He said it is not the point to get a lot of plays. I said do you get a lot of business? oh yeah tons.

Kwasi is a classic top producer, his content is not that good, it’s fine, he just talks. He’s not perfect by any means. He just takes the mobile device and uses a teleprompter app. He doesn’t have any ums and awes. He speaks it first to a transcribing app using his phone then he copies and pastes it to the Teleprompter app.

He uses the Bigvu app which is more expensive. I recommend Prompt Smart Pro the one that I use.

My eyes are looking at the camera and I just read what’s in blue while it scrolls at a perfect speed. Boom. It looks really good. You can do it both landscape as well as vertical, depending on what medium you’re gonna post to. Do it twice, once for Youtube and one is for Social. Boom.

Any of the scripts that I give to you practice make sure to smile, make sure you’re smiling. I will give you a process in terms of the whole one, two, three mechanisms later.

VIDEO 3 – 5:17 TIK TOK

Some people may know this guy. He is my brother-in-law, or ex-brother-in-law. They got divorced, you might be seeing him on TV now and on TV commercials because he’s on the Alaska Airlines commercial.

Nick created a channel on Tik Tok because his daughters told him there’s this thing called Tik Tok. He did some funny videos and fun videos and then thought, I didn’t really need to do it. He decided to archive some messages literally just to his daughters and created a couple Tik Tok’s with his daughters. He created the handle “your Korean dad” and then 18 months later he’s got 3 million views.

Last year he made a million dollars. He now has many sponsors, he has a collaboration with Disney, he’s on CNBC, Chevy, he got a car and Alaska airlines is the most recent sponsor.

He just creates fun little interesting videos. He talks about MSG, shoes and just random weird stuff. His audience is oddly way broader than he would ever have anticipated. Now he’s got a tv show pilot that he’s working on with some networks.

My point is not that we should be looking to be internet famous but don’t ignore Tik Tok.

If you follow Gary Vee or Gary Vaynerchuk, he’s always talking about the fact that most of us are not doing Tik Tok . That it is a really good missed opportunity.

Utah Real estate Paige is a real estate agent that’s featured for real estate. Watch two of her Tik Toks. How much do you need down? is just simple, you don’t have to say anything. Just using music and dancing . That was it, that was the whole Tik Tok. How much money do you need to have for down payment? Her clapping to the music. The music makes a world of difference. If you guys are stuck on Tik Tok, holy smokes. How about we list the house super high just to see what happens? No music or dancing just a clever use of a movie scene.

Did you guys know that Tik Tok is overtaking Google in terms of position number one in site rankings? Google for many many years was position number one in terms of the most visited website of all time. Followed by Facebook they were always neck and neck with Youtube. Youtube was first in terms of time on site but as of December of this past year Tik Tok has overtaken all the platforms.

They’re the most visited on a daily basis which blows my mind. When I see my kids I’m reminded that’s where they get their news. That’s where you get your news? I guess, because that’s where they’re at. That’s where they get their news, that’s how they found out about the war on Ukraine. It was literally on Tik Tok. That’s the world now.

There is a first year John L Scott agent she’s in Portland. She’s already getting business from Tik Tok just doing Tik Tok. I’m not saying that Tik Tok is the strategy, I’m just saying that’s one of the places where you can create content. Where probably none of your friends will even find it. Unless you already have a bunch of followers with no content. It’s kind of like a fun testing ground and the music makes a difference.

What you’ll see, for those of you who are not used to doing this, she does a long-form video in the car. Which is good because the car is great for audio purposes. She’s literally just holding the phone, as you can see, or she uses a stand. She’s parked in this case .You can see where all the cuts are. What’s nice is that it’s not live you’re just doing a long-form video then just making all the cuts inside Tik Tok, adding the music and adding the little things. There is a likability factor. She’s getting busy from this.

She’s already creating a reputation as an experienced agent when she is a year one agent, and she’s doing really well. She’s gotten some big deals. Tik Tok is not where she’s getting all of her business, but she’s becoming known in that space.

We will talk more about going strategically into the different platforms like Instagram versus Tik Tok and all that.


Let’s talk about a couple of different content pieces that you should understand. In Seattle right now you have access to something which very few people in the country have access to which is Knock. Other loan officers don’t have this product yet. John L Scott is in a relationship with them to figure out how we can work together.

It’s a different kind of product for the most part they have something called “house swap”. You can go to and offer a house swap.

The video might go something like this.

Hey everybody it’s Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate. There's a major new release for the greater Seattle area right now.  You no longer have to sell your house before you buy. You can just buy without having to qualify for two mortgages. It's one of the greatest opportunities out there.  That way you're not having to compete as a contingent buyer with all the other buyers who are not contingent. If you're curious about buying and you have to sell first talk to me.  This is a really important program that you need to know about. It's a great time to buy with everything that's happening with huge home valuations. Give me a call.’ 

I could do that little video and I wouldn’t reference Knock because I don’t want my sphere to go directly to them. I want them to come to me and I will reference Knock or Priority as the mortgage option.

Knock has something called house swap. They just increased the buy limit from $800K, which is about 30% to 40% of the deals, now it’s up to 2 million in California and Seattle. Anybody that you want to start showing a house to right now who would normally have to sell first, they just qualify for one mortgage as if they already sold the house.

They have to have some equity like 20% equity in their current house which most people do. As long as they’ve got 20% equity in their current home you can just start showing them homes right now. This is a mortgage company so what’s happening is they’re the ones guaranteeing the mortgage. It’s about the same cost as a traditional loan. Make sure to talk to Knock about all the details . It’s very competitive.

You’re getting the house and they give you a little extra money after you’ve moved into your new house to fix up your old house which is incredible. The old house is now vacant which makes your listing life a lot easier and the house value is going to be increased.

You have the opportunity to present this, 99% of all real estate agents don’t understand that or even know about the program. It can give you a significant advantage by understanding. Go to, take a look at it, do the presentation you have to first go through 15 or 30 minutes. Then you have to go through the certification.

Once you’re certified.

Hey everybody it’s Howard Chung and I just got certified with a really great program where you can buy your dream home before you even have to sell.  We have that as a solution now.’ 

Not everybody is going to do this and they have to qualify, many will want to use a traditional route.


Who’s heard of fractional ownership? There’s the traditional fractional ownership like Co-Ops and Timeshares.

Then there is the new fractional ownership. Have you heard of a guy named Spencer Raskoff? The former CEO of Zillow, he lleft Zillow and he started one of these companies called Pacasso. There’s another one called Vicasa and another one called Ember. The three main companies in existence right now.

It sure would be nice to have a second home in Hawaii or in Arizona or in Malibu. Yeah, do you have four million dollars? No? Do you have $200K? Yeah.

It’s not a timeshare, you’re literally buying a fraction of the ownership of a luxury home that’s owned by the LLC. You own one eighth, one twelfth, up to one half right. You can get a mortgage, because it’s real property, on that portion. You can hand it down, again it’s not a timeshare. It’s timeshare like in the fact that you can use the space and you don’t own it a full 100% of the time. You share it with the other people. You can give it away to your friends or family or whatever you want to do. That’s fractional ownership. .

They all want to work with agents because you have the clients. You get the commissions or referral fees for your fractional sale portion.

What does this have to do with how to get more listings? Now your sphere is thinking… You seem to know about investment properties, fractional ownership opportunities, you seem to know about Bitcoin and you seem to know about all these awesome opportunities in real estate, you are building trust.

That’s all content you can be sharing right now because you literally watched a Youtube video. Because you went to Learn about co-ownership it’s all on video. You will get it in two seconds. You are the one referring the clients and voila you get commissions.

You need to get commissions from all sorts of places. You should be getting referrals from a leading RE, RELO, fractional ownership and so on and so on and so on.

This is all video content gold.


What does your month look? Every day if I’m your consumer and I’m on Facebook or Instagram I should, at least once a month, be seeing some of your ads.

We all know what target marketing is. We market to all the people who graduated college, who earn over $150k, who live in this particular area. That’s a demographic. I can do target marketing and select all those and run ads.

You guys know what remarketing is? You have connections and you have them uploaded and you want these connections to get your ads that go just to them. The same dollar I would have normally spent to the target group I’m paying a fraction of that to market just to my own sphere of influence. Instead of just posting content all the time to my personal profile or posting content to my business page and then sharing it to my personal profile, I’m going to run a boosted remarketing ad for $50 a month to the people that I know. I’m just targeting my friends and family in the form of an ad with some of the content that I’ve created.

That’s a really really important piece for you to do every single month. I would say $50 dollars minimum every single month.

Imagine that when you have a listing you spend 50 bucks a month just on flyers. In this case you’re going upstream and downstream with your sphere. Constantly doing a $50 ad. Most of you are not spending $50 a month. You’re just doing regular organic posting.

You need to invest in an ad every single month. If you’re creating the content pieces you need to expose it to your sphere of influence regularly through social media. Particularly Facebook and Instagram that’s worldwide.


Email drip campaigns are going out, you are attracting sellers using Percy AI (formerly Buyside), monthly housing updates are being sent, you have special programs, monthly market insights are going out, you have a neighbor campaign, you are sending out listings with Property Tracker, the seasonal campaigns…

If you are a John L Scott agent and sign up to have your sphere get the Seasonal Campaign be sure to check the box for every single one. You will be surprised that your people do not unsubscribe because the seasonal ones only come out once a month.

Every single time all those seasonal emails go out we hear stories about an agent getting a listing. Somebody replied to a happy Fourth of July, or happy holidays email. All the seasonal emails on the campaign, set everybody up so all of this content is going out by email.

Yes a lot of people will swipe left. When they have a particular need they will click reply.

Let’s say there’s a listing in the neighborhood and it looks like it’s your listing even though it’s not. They are curious about that one and since they are signed up for all the email drip campaigns they will get updated by you, not your competition or a portal.

You’re creating great content sending it out through all the channels including email.

VIDEO 3 19:17 100 x 100 x 100 = 1 MILLION PEOPLE

Lets say you take the 100 people that you know and you’re creating content for them and they share it to a 100 people that they know, that’s 10,000 people.

100 people and 3 of them are going to move this year. My 100 people know 100 people and they also have 3 people that they know that will move this year. I share really good content and earn those referrals. I now have the opportunity to sell 300 houses just from my sphere plus some great content.

300 possible transactions just from the 100 people I know.

If you go on Linkedin and look people up it’ll say you either know them, you’re one degree removed, they’re second degree removed or third degree removed. There’s never a fourth degree because that’s too many people. Third degree is when you know somebody who knows somebody who knows that person. I’m third of three degrees removed from that person. 100 x’s 100 x’s 100. You have access to 1 million people.

Whenever you have content that some of your people have already liked that’s when it goes to that additional group. When you have really good content that’s relevant and informational and you put that out there, you ask everybody “if you like this content and you know somebody who might be also interested in this click like, make a comment or subscribe”. Then it goes to the people that they know as well and that’s the power.

That is 1 million people on Facebook or Linkedin right now that you could access with interesting content.

I’m not talking about goofy, crazy, stupid, wacky content. Just good content. Things that are good to know in Seattle like fractional ownership. I have always thought it would be amazing owning a second home in Hawaii but I don’t have $4 million.

That’s the kind of content you’ve got access to right now.


There’s something called the Special Kickoff Weekend. It’s been around for a long time and the concept is very old. Whenever you get a listing or there’s even an office listing the opportunity to get another listing is the greatest during that period of time. The greatest opportunity to meet a neighbor because of that listing is during the time that you’ve taken that listing.

It starts with holding an open house and creating a buzz. This is a benefit to your seller and you should try to get everybody to come visit on the opening weekend. The first open house on Saturday and a second on Sunday. Get a ton of people, a ton of traffic. You want to create a fear of loss, creating a psychological scarcity.

Now there’s all these people interested in this house. You’re going to get better offers and that is good for your seller. You additionally want the opportunity to have conversations with all the people that are coming in to the open house and especially the neighbors.

Let’s go old school sales tactics which are very important.

In order for me to get a listing based upon a listing or the open house I’m about hold open. 1 hour prior to the open house from 12pm to 1pm I am going to hold an “early entry for neighbors”. In order to invite the neighbors I need to go even earlier say Saturday morning or Friday night. Inviting the neighbors using the exact script below.

Based upon what I say and one word that’s different you will have a major swing of yesses versus nos. Are you ready for it? I already gave you one powerful phrase which is.

Just for fun’. 

That should be naturally part of your vocabulary.

I'm doing this for all my clients right now because they've been asking me to’. 

That’s called social proof, it’s psychologically saying everybody wants that, yes I want that too.

You always start off with an introduction.

Hey I'm Howard Chung with John L Scot real estate.’ 

You have to use the word real estate because there’s a psychological context to it. It makes people thins “What’s the real estate market like”?

The reason I'm knocking on your door.’ 
Yes, why are you knocking on my door on a Friday afternoon?’  

Friday afternoon is when people are generally pretty happy, happy Fridays. Name badge on or Logo hat on. iPad or clipboard. I give them a flier.

The reason why is because i just listed your neighbor's house.’ 
You're a community member?’ 

I’m telling you it’ll make a big difference.

I just listed your neighbor's house or we just listed your neighbor's house and want to give you information about the asking price most neighbors are curious.’ 
Oh the flyers were gone and i was curious about that so where's that house’? 
A couple blocks around the corner’. 
Oh on 12th’? 
Yes, there you go’. 

They’ve got a flier, they’ve received something from you. They’re looking at the flier.

I'm inviting all the neighbors if you feel like coming in, people are curious about it.  It's open from 12 to 1 just for the neighbors so feel free to swing by tomorrow at 12. I'll be happy to show you the house.’ 
Okay, thank you very much.’ 

Now this is where the magic happens.


Would it be okay?’ 

Get that phrase ingrained in your vocabulary. What happens in the moment when you’re a little nervous is it might come out slightly different. You might say.

Would you like?’ 

When you say would you like.. whatever comes out of my mouth next about 70% to 80% of the time the answer will be No! This is proven. There’s a study on these words.

When I say, would it be okay? 60% to 70% percent, in certain contexts 90%+, of what comes out of my mouth next the answer is Yes!

They did a study with a copy machine line. Back in the old days when people would wait in line for the copy machine. The testers would try all these different phrases to see how they could cut in line. Almost everything got a, ‘well no, there’s a line. You have to wait in line for the copy machine.’

When they said, ‘would it be okay?’ They thought what came next mattered but they realized it didn’t even matter what came next. ‘I’m in a real hurry right now, I’m double parked’. They used all these different phrases to see which one would work better than the other. To the point where they finally said, ‘would it be okay to cut in line in front of you I need to make copies.’ That was the last one that they used and it was exactly the same effect. When they started with ‘Would it be okay?’, the immediate answer was sure.

I’m giving you a psychological hack right now. If you ingrain this into your speech in almost any circumstance whatsoever, used with a social proof validator, you’re going to find success. You will be getting so many names, cell phone numbers, email addresses and the home addresses of people who want to talk.

They forgot their agents name. This works every time.

Would it be okay to let you know what the house sells for when it closes, most neighbors are curious’? 
If you can't make it tomorrow,  would it be okay to let you know what the house sells for after it closes, most neighbors are curious’? 

Unless you look freaky, or say it in such a way that you’re making me nervous you’re going to get a lot of yesses. If you’re dressed properly, got your John L Scott gear on, you’re smiling.

Hey I’m Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate and the reason I'm at your door is because we just listed the house around the corner we just want to invite you to it. Here is some flyer information about it. The open house is from one to four but just for neighbors from twelve to one. Do you wanna come by a little bit early?  In case you can't make it would it be okay to let you know what the house sells for after it closes, most neighbors are curious?’ 

That’s it all put together, voila. During the open house when people are walking in.

Hey come on in welcome. How are you? I’m Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate.  I just need you to sign in.’ 
I don't want to sign in’. 
It's seller policy, it's for security purposes you understand. We would do the same exact thing for your house. If you don't want me to contact you I'll make that note but we need everybody to sign in for security purposes. Seller policy.’ 

They start signing in.

Hey would it be okay to let you know what the house sells for when it closes, most neighbors are curious?’ 

Permission-based marketing. Every single person who signs in whether they came to the open house before the open house or after I’m getting their contact information.

Now I go to local business.

Hey I'm Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate. The reason I'm coming in today is because I listed a house in your community.  I'm sure your business services this whole neighborhood over here.’ 
Oh yeah.’ 
'I just want to give you some flyer information, most business owners are curious about what's going on in the neighborhood over here. Hey would it be okay to let you know as homes are selling for, including this one, as soon as one closes, most business owners are curious about what's happening in the real estate market?’ 
Sure that'd be great.’ 
Do you have a business card here? How long have you been practicing dentistry here, how long have you been a vet here?’ 

Your Fridays should be extremely busy. Your Saturday should be busy. I think our Fridays should be like other peoples Mondays.

You guys want to kill it in this business? Master a few of these permission based questions. The answer is yes.

VIDEO 3 30:07 CRM

Now we’re going to have to have a stupid CRM system. That’s right and what are most of these CRM systems designed for? Email drips and analytics.

John L Scott has one of the best email drip content solutions, not necessarily the best in the analytics right now. We’re moving to Salesforce by the end of the year and that’s going to be a major lift. We’re already doing pilots on it.

It’s Salesforce, it’s everything.

If you have no contacts receiving content it’s useless. There’s no point even telling you about it because you won’t use it. That’s what’s happening right now.

Special kickoff weekend uses an open house as the number one reason to knock on neighbors doors.

What if I don’t have a listing this weekend Howard? What if none of the agents in this office are willing to let me do an open house with them? No problem, take some recent solds in the community that you want to walk and do the same exact thing.

Knock, knock, knock…

I’m Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate the reason I'm knocking on your doors is because I'm giving all the neighbors,  because it's spring, all the recent solds that have been happening so far in your neighborhood. Would it be okay to let you know as new homes are coming on the market what they're selling for, most neighbors are curious?’ 

Same exact thing, the excuse doesn’t matter as long as I’ve got real estate information.

Talk about a power hour.

Condos and town houses. If you want to really deep dive and be smart go to a townhouse complex or one of those own complexes where their homes are pretty small and naturally people need to move out after three four years. Pick something that was built like three or four years ago. Knock on their door. They got a ton of equity buit.

Knock, knock, knock…

Hey I'm the local Harbor Point Village expert, I just want to give you all the recent solds that have been happening in the community because all the neighbors have been curious.’  Same thing.  ‘Would it be okay,  would be okay, would be okay to let you know…?’ 

I’ve been teaching that for years and people still forget.

Don’t forget to send the postcards. Use the Special Kickoff Weekend as a reason to do all those activities to help sell your listing, get to know the neighbors and open house visitors.


If you go to on the top right is a tab called “video tools and lighting”. There you will find little tips for stuff. On the left side is a tab called “video workshop and scripts”. Two tabs and you can go to their on your phone.

When you click on video workshop and scripts you’ll see 1, 2 and 3.

Number 1 is the actual scripts and content calendar. I think everybody has a checkbox on their action items to download the scripts and content calendar. It’s a simple Word document.

Number 2 is the pdf of the all these slides. If you ever want to review this workshop just go there and download the pdf.

Number 3 is the post workshop follow-up items, these are the action items. I’ve got a dozen action items you ought to do after this class. Starting with create repeating and recurring events. All those things are there for you to do.

When you click on number 1 of the documents it will be a video content calendar.


You’re probably not doing any one-on-one messages. I would say start with the one on one messages. The yearly housing update, market update, an inspirational message like “I was just thinking about you”.

Be careful with those, only send them if it is someone you care about. Happy birthday, what if you did a video happy birthday message through google photos rather than just saying happy birthday on Facebook. They’ll remember your one video. I don’t know about the singing thing, some people who sing well possibly. It can also be obnoxious. Seller reports.

Seller reports on Monday morning 9 a.m.

Hey Mr. seller or Mrs seller i just wanted to give you a little update of what just happened this past weekend.’ 

Buyer communication on Monday morning 9 a.m.

Hey just for fun let's go take a look a little bit outside your search parameters because I've been taking a look online and one looks really interesting, that's just for fun.’ 

Buyer opportunity, a B2 or B3 buyer.

Hey I know you're not on the market yet or you may never be but I just thought about you when I saw this house. I just want to share it with you.’  

Then you text the link but they see the video of you.

I want to invite somebody to lunch, to happy hour, to an event of some kind.

At the end of the day we talked about the importance of having a buyer appointment, listing appointment or referral. Isn’t that everything in this business?


One of my friends, a top producer, was asked this question…

If you had a hundred dollars left in your real estate business it’s your last ditch effort to make it in the real estate business what would you do with that hundred dollars?”

The question was asked in context to doing something really cool with marketing or investing it in a boost or something like that.

He answered that he would spend it on gas money.

The last hundred bucks is gonna be spent on gas money. Go visit all the people I care about the most. Just checking in on them.

My question is… When was the last time you did that? Those of you who are killing it you’re doing things, you would love to do more of these things. That’s awesome. Those of you who are kind of struggling, you don’t have listing appointments, buyer appointments or a bunch of sales right now you better master some of these.

These activities and behaviors. The gas money. Popping by, one-on-one video messages. That’s what’s going to make a difference. It might not lead to a referral right away but a lot of times it will. Somebody’s thinking about buying something very very soon.

Download the whole Video Content Calendar Excel spreadsheet. You need to get much more organized in your business.


Hey everybody it's Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate today I'm with Leah Nicholson with Priority home lending. One of the things I just learned about their process which is unlike any other place is that they can close a loan in 10 days. If you get all the stuff up front. That's gonna make so much of a difference to the sellers that are out there. that's pretty much as good as cash.  Leah tell us a little bit about a 10-day closing. Could you guys actually close in 10 days?’ 

Introduce people. They can’t talk about rates on your video but they can talk about programs. Loan officers, stagers, your home inspectors, you name it.

The personal Introduction. ‘Hey and today I’m with…’ It’s very easy to flip the camera on. You can even do one of those where you start by pointing your phone at yourself and then flip it over and start introducing your guest.


I love price jumping, many of you don’t know price jumping or can’t articulate price jumping. Price jumping is super important and I am glad my loan officers are here because they can validate some of this stuff and we can get numbers.

This is the bottom line… Somebody buys a house for $400k – $500k. They bought it 4 or 5 years ago. Equity is built. Let’s say it’s worth $800k.

Normally speaking they would never consider buying a $1.1 million house. Their brain, affordability wise, is still in the $500K range. They’ve been living in that house and built up the equity of $800k. They’ve got a ton of equity built up.

Let’s do some simple math. First we need to understand that homes in the $500 – $600K range will start to tap out a little bit and then they’ll start to slow down appreciation wise. There’s only so much square footage, so usually it starts to cap out.

Then there’s homes that are in the higher price range. It could be the jumbo rate or the luxury price range, maybe there’s a view or an oversized lot or something similar. Higher end homes sometimes take a little bit longer to sell. Sometimes the opportunities are better in the higher range.

We have a $200k – $300K gap between the $800K house and the $1 – $1.1 million dream home. $200K to $300K sounds like a lot until you start to break it down into a monthly payment.

When you take a $100K with a 30-year mortgage and let’s say a rate of 5.25% or in that range on an adjustable rate, Jumbo or even a fixed rate mortgage.

Give me an estimate of what $100K on a 30-year term at 3-5% interest rate is, approximately what monthly payment? About $500 a month. $200K is doubled so you’re about $1,000 bucks.

Do you know what it costs to buy a truck or a car right now? You take the payment of a car or a truck and add insurance, you are looking at close to $1,000 bucks. People are justifying the car… Markets are going crazy, cars are flying off the shelves and because they’re awesome. People are getting used to paying higher and higher dollar amounts for vehicles and loans.

Hey everybody it's Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate today I want to talk about price jumping. What this means is if you have equity in your house you may be able to  buy a dream house. If you plan on buying a car or truck this year or you recently got rid of or are about to get rid of a car or truck this is the time to come talk to me.  
You might be in a perfect price jumping scenario where you're maximizing the equity in your current house to potentially buy your dream home.  You might not have ever thought of being able to buy a million dollars house and with the same monthly payment you might be able to qualify.   
Come talk to me, I'll introduce you to an amazing loan officer and we might actually be able to find an appreciating asset like real estate rather than a depreciating value like a car.’ 

That’s sound financial advice in my opinion. That is called price jumping. It’s that gap where the equity is at the cap and now you can jump up $200K. It might just be $100K.

They never thought about buying that house and getting that bigger square footage or the view. You are not manipulating anybody, just saying don’t buy a car, buy a house instead.

Investment Home Opportunity and Just For Fun and Remember When

We have already covered investment home opportunities and “just for fun”.

I was just in the neighborhood, remember when…?

Those are all one-on-one messages and when you can do a one-on-one message you don’t have to do video editing, no music added, you don’t introduce yourself.

Hey Jason, it’s Howard. I just saw an amazing house. I thought of you because this might be a really good price jumping opportunity.’  


Local parks and recreation, you’re interviewing a local fire firefighter or a mayor or a school teacher or a police officer. Your favorite streets, neighborhoods, communities.

Hey  everybody's it’s Howard Chung of John L Scott real estate and today I wanted to share my favorite street in Ballard in Seattle, Washington. This little street is a popular street but what you don't realize if you don't come to Ballard very often is it is transforming all the time.  There's so many amazing restaurants and my favorite dessert place is… this place.’ 

Meet your neighbors, web 3.0, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, fair housing tips.

Before and after series.

Hey everybody this is the house before this is the house after it's been staged and decluttered.’ 

You’re taking clips before and after.

Special programs like; fractional ownership, instant purchase plus, Market Ready plush, Knock, Priority home lending and certified mortgage ready. Contests such as winning a trip. Guess what the home will sell for.

Hey everybody, it's Michelle Hamshaw with John L Scott real estate. I just took another listing and we're listing it at this price. All offers are gonna be reviewed Tuesday. Guess what you think the house will sell for?  

She does it when it’s actually already closed so you can actually tell them what it sold for.

It just closed this Friday, guess what it sold for? The winner will win a $25 gift card.’ 

She gets a ton of engagement and this is not boosted. Just from her own friends. She gets all this engagement and when people engage and do guesses like that you get to contact them, you get to dm them, you can send them text messages. They’re all curious and it is contextual because you’re in conversation.


I gave you access to a ton of scripts that you can redo for yourself. You can just type in your own name after an open house, the monthly housing market or marketing insights, download my mobile app, investment opportunities, price jumping opportunity, hot market, get a CMA, Market ready plus, Instant purchase plus, Seller Listing Launch, Special kickoff weekend, Early entry for neighbors, win a trip, Percy AI entry.

Winning a trip is great because all you have to do is email them a copy of the form and you’re abiding by the rules of the contest. You collect all their information such as; when do you plan on buying next and what’s your current home address?

Technically as John L Scott agents you all pay for the “Win a Trip”. We don’t make any money from win-a-trip and we give three trips away per year. In the form of a $4K credit where you can go anywhere you want through a AAA travel agency. Basically the winner can go anywhere they want with that credit.

Lennox picks the winner. Do you know how many entries are in there when he picks? Maybe 30. Your clients have 1 in 30 odds.

You can do it for open houses and for virtually anything. Just fill out the form properly.

Power buyers , before you buy, vacation homes, second home opportunities, fractional ownership.


Outside of all those scripts there’s a simple process when it comes to creating video content.

  1. Your name and Brokerage Name Real Estate

  2. State Your Purpose

  3. Today I am going to share…

  4. As soon as they sit up, what are you going to share today? You’re curious about what I’m going to share.

  5. We’re out here today with…

  6. What’s the number one.. What are the top three…

  7. You’ve seen a billion of these but if you are the first one to do it then that’s okay

  8. CTA/CTC (Call to Action/Conversation)

  9. If you’re curious about click below

  10. DM me or reach out to me

It’s 1, 2, 3. State your name, What are you going to do and what’s the call to action. Those three things, here’s an example.

Hey everybody it’s Howard Chung with John L Scott and today I'm going to talk about the higher interest rates and what the higher interest rates mean for you.’ Or,  ‘today I'm going to talk about the fact that Adjustable Rate Mortgages are becoming more popular than ever before.’  Or, ‘we're out here today with my loan officer.’ Or, ‘today the question is when is the real estate bubble going to burst?’ 

If you’re not comfortable answering the question ask a loan officer or maybe a local economist or ask your managing broker.

Remember you’re the authority.

When it comes to real estate the bubble burst back in 2008 and if you didn't watch the big short that is basically what was happening with something called the subprime mortgage and the interest rates… Subprime is not really a factor anymore and actually the economy is really solid and the people who are qualified for the mortgages really can afford them.  They actually have jobs and money, can make the payments and they've got equity in their homes therefore it's not the same type of bubble we are in now.  We're talking about recession and the inflation situation.  That's a little bit of a different thing because…War in Ukraine…  Combined with, blah blah blah.’ 

If you can talk to some of that, great. If you can’t. Don’t. If you could be wrong then be careful. You can always use what some others are saying. What others are saying or what some are saying about your local real estate market… Always come back to that and then the call to action.

Hey everybody, I'm Howard Chung with John L Scott and I am at Costco today and I just bought a bunch of different sizes of air filters. If you haven't changed your air filter anytime in the recent past let me know what size you are and if i've got one i'll make one available for you. Come by the office or I'll swing by and drop it off just let me know.  DM me here.’ Boom, and they get a free air filter.  

Of course they are like I didn’t know I had to change out air filters. Which some people obviously don’t because even at home inspections they have never changed an air filter.


Youtube is to educate. Youtube is landscape, not vertical. Youtube shorts are vertical, but standard Youtube is all landscape. SEO, embeds, long and longer videos. Shorts are similar to Instagram Reels and Tik Tok; they are vertical videos. You can create one and upload it to all three platforms.

Instagram is Posts, Stories and Reels. Reels are becoming very popular because of Tik Tok and your reels will show up to most of the people. There’s one habit that’s happened recently where people will create a Tik Tok then they’ll download the video then they’ll re-upload to Instagram. Technically that’s not right and at some point there might be more of a crackdown.

The better recommendation is to create a video including the music and edit it on a third-party app. Then you upload the same exact video independently to Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube Shorts. 3 separate uploads for different videos you’re editing online. There’s very specific music to Instagram and specific music to Tik Tok, it’s up to you how you want to play around with all that stuff.

I can reshare it to my Facebook and there’s highlights and there’s reels and reels are super short and fun and all that good stuff. Everything, besides standard Youtube, is all vertical.

Tik Tok is short, funny, informative, inspirational, and an app editor.

Facebook and Instagram are live. If you go live you can simply hold up your camera on your mobile device. Start on Instagram live and also share on Facebook live. Now you don’t want to make the lives too long but you also didn’t want to make them too short.

Hey everybody, it's Howard and  I'm about to knock on some doors because I'm inviting all the neighbors to an open house. I'm doing it at 1pm tomorrow and specifically for the neighbors from 12 to 1. If I haven't seen you for a while, swing by. It's a great house that could be…’  

No music, no editing, it’s just me in front of the house or in front of the neighbors. It reminds them that you’re out there. What’s awesome about live is Facebook and Instagram love it when you go live, they like to put it in front of everybody.

Go live with a local business owner.

Hey everybody I’m Howard Chung with John L Scott real estate and I’m the Owner of the local restaurant. You guys have been famous for a long time here tell us how things have been for you guys since COVID?  If you've never been to Restaurant, OMG you gotta come down here and try it out. I'm doing an open house really close by…’ 

That’s a great live, don’t forget live. There is no editing it is just you’re ready to go with your content and 1,2,3 and go.

One thing that I would say is practice first because the worst are stupid lives. Have you ever seen really bad lives? It used to be just throwing anything up and now you really should be good at the content. You can get a bad reputation or a boring reputation or OMG these are always so bad.

Provide feedback to one another, don’t just say it’s good when it’s not. There’s also the people where it’s all about them. You know what I’m talking about. There’s a book called Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller, where you’re not the hero. I’ve got all the answers in real estate and you need me.

You want to be the, when you’re looking to buy it’s a big journey out there. You are Obi-wan Kenobi and the audience is Luke Skywalker, you are not Luke Skywalker! The hero is the client and you are the guide, you’re the Obi Wan. That’s the approach all the time that you should be thinking when you’re creating content. You’re guiding them, giving information, educating, inspiring with wisdom, legal as long as it’s appropriate. That’s the approach, just give people that kind of advice and information.


What if 20% of your business in 2022 and thereafter came from B2B? When i say B2B you only think of mortgage, title, escrow and home inspectors. I’m talking about everybody who’s a business professional.

The linkedin people, every doctor, dentist, small business owner in your local communities. Get the lists and find out who the owners and managers are. Send them a little email because emails are super easy to find. What’s do you say in the email, better yet send them a video.

Hey I'm Howard Chung with John L Scott  real estate the reason I'm reaching out to you today is because I'm connecting with all the local business owners and since you're a local veterinarian and most of the clients who I sell real estate to need a veterinarian I would like to be able to know he people I recommend.  I was wondering if I could swing by and just say hello to you. Meet you face to face.’ 
That'd be great’. 

You can also have a zoom meeting with them especially if it’s like a dentist that doesn’t have time for that. Ask them for five minutes for a quick Zoom meeting. If they are accepting new patients.

Go after all the local B2B. Who are the majority of millionaires in the United States? They’re small business owners. Not that all businesses are millionaires but many of them have the secret car in the garage for the weekends that you haven’t seen. There’s the front car and then there’s the back car. A lot of them do very very well.

Identify all the local businesses then go to do co-branding with them. Invite them to happy hours, do interviews with them.

When I say B2B many of you will think of the local chamber of commerce. The chamber of commerce is great but identify all the local B2B people. You will find you’re going to get a lot of great business.


Make sure you all have a free Canva account. You can also edit videos on Canva which is really great. There are a ton of free templates. John L Scott has developed a gazillion great templates for Canva. You can share them with a couple of tweaks. We have flyers and many different types for Canva. Everybody should have a Canva account.

A really good simple video editor I always recommend is For your mobile app as well as for online. $7.99 a month, you’ve got to pay a year ahead of time, but I think that’s a really good deal. You can save all your projects and all your edits and music and all that kind of stuff and just create all sorts of funny little simple things with your iPhone really quick.

Video strategies and tools, make sure you have at least a ring light. Instead of always holding your phone in selfie mode you can get a ring light with a holder for $12 to $20 bucks. You can have something to hold the camera for you.

Remember the camera likes hands. I always say in videos hands up, hands down, but use your hands in real estate. Use props whenever possible. We have to point to different things. That’s all part of the video strategy.

Nowadays you need less of everything. You just need a stand with your amazing 4k mobile devices. It’s just so good.

With Zoom make sure the camera is facing you properly, not up, not down too much. No window in the background. Make a nice background.

If you really want to do the lighting correctly. Your office should look like a home studio nowadays. What’s the cost of a light stand? These are super cheap.

There’s something called the three-point light. The three-point light is simple; there’s a light facing me, a window is light facing me, but it’s not controllable. There’s light facing me, there’s a light to my side and there’s a light lighting up the backdrop. When you do all three lights you’re gonna look way better online.

For all of you creating content you literally should have your home studio somewhere. You should be thinking about creating a little simple studio.

Bear printing creates these canvas style looking backdrops that you can put on your wall. You can have “Living life as a contribution” or whatever you want to create. They’re like $12 or $20. Use any of those little backdrops for yourself.

If you think that creating content is for yourself you won’t do it. If it’s for your own business and growth you probably won’t do it. If I ask you about buying a second home, a condo in Ballard in Seattle somewhere. Would you go around and take a look at some of the best streets and communities for me? As they come on the market? Sure you would.

You have to have the mindset that your doing this for my clients who are really curious about real estate. In the various markets and all these things we have talked about such as rates and economy and inflation. When I share information they want to know it.

I’m just preparing for it, Upstream. I’m communicating that One-on-one or to a group, as well as on social media and in email.

For access to the slides used in the full presentation you can download them here:

1. Be sure to create a repeating/recurring calendar event for “Calendaring, Collecting, Categorizing, and Campaigning” at least once per week where you are committed to connecting with people through video, email, zoom, text, social, face-to-face, etc. The link to the content calendar can be found in the Scripts #1 above.

2. Work on your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Here’s a link to the book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr

3. Work on your CRM/Database including name, telephone, email address, home address, home value, where they want to move next, etc. Don’t forget about the the UCR Labs as a great resource:

4. Purchase Tools such as microphone, tri-pod, ring light, and Osmo Pocket video camera/gimbal

5. Create a free Zoom account and practice sharing your screen with one another. Then be sure to send the calendar invite to clients and give them a market update!

6. Download the Google Photos App on your Phone and send one on one videos by sharing the video link once uploaded to Google Photos from your phone. You can share the photo link through text but DO NOT try to send the massive native video file through SMS/MMS. Alternatively, sign up for a bombbomb account

7. Grab ‘B-Roll’ video footage every time you’re previewing, showing homes, out in the neighborhoods, etc. Remember they should be 3-5 second clips (don’t worry about your audio for these clips). Create an archive of video clips in the cloud like Dropbox or Google Photos (download the app and login at

8. Download the Promptsmart Pro app for your phone and use the teleprompter function. Write scripts of hyper-local communities like your favorite neighborhoods, streets, sub-divisions, restaurants, plazas, etc.

9. Try out (mobile app and web versions) and/or to bring together your video clips and voiceover to tell a story of your community, neighborhood, interviews with clients, local business owners, school teachers, etc.

10. Visit and be sure to start a boosting campaign (re-marketing) to your spheres of influence with these videos!

Thank you and we hope this helps you with how to get more listings in 2022, and be sure to send me examples of some of your videos!

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