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How To Get On The News As a Local Real Estate Expert

July 6th 2020 The Madrona Group and Jason Fox was the Local Real Estate Expert for a news segment on KOMO 4 News. The segment was titled, Puget Sound area still among the strongest real estate markets in the country. You can view it HERE.

Jason was interviewed by long time veteran news anchor Connie Thompson. As we are still practicing social distancing Connie asked me to be interviewed by Skype and speaker phone. The whole interview was about 30 minutes of answering questions that was trimmed down to this…


I have been asked a bunch of times, “how did you get picked for this?”

On Tuesday at around 12pm I had a voicemail from an unknown number. I listened to the message and it was Connie Thompson from KOMO news and she wanted to use me to do a segment about the condition of the real estate market. Could I call her back ASAP.

I called the number and left her a voicemail.

Around 2pm she called me and asked if I had time to jump on a Skype call right then. I did.

I asked her how she found me and she said that she read my Seattle Housing Market Update, you can READ IT HERE.

You see every month for years now I update both the Seattle and Snohomish County Housing Market Report. A process that takes me many hours to complete. A process by which I educate myself of all the real estate data that is important to my clients. That way we know with confidence that we are always guiding our clients with current real estate knowledge.

In the process of doing this activity every month my reports have become quite popular, and rank quite well on Google and other search engines.

This exercise also affords us the luxury of being able to speak confidently about the state of our local real estate market, and gave me the confidence to jump on an interview to speak on the current conditions of the real estate market without any preparation.

The short answer is 50% luck and 50% skill. Although, I would argue that without the skill I would have been far less lucky. I think one thing we know for certain it was not based on looks.

It was not my intention to be featured as a real estate expert on the news when I started creating these reports, it was my intention to be seen as a real estate expert, and more importantly to become a real estate expert.

The long answer is a combination of becoming an expert in your field and being good at marketing that fact.

And picking up the phone when the news does call.

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