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John L Scott Ballard Celebrates 1 Year In Business

Jason Fox and Joe Kiser formed The Madrona Group real estate team and were incorporated as a business in 2015. They worked, just the two of them and eventually adding a 3rd member of the team, Chris Fiamengo, at the Lynnwood John L Scott branch.

On June 1st of 2020 they opened the John L Scott Ballard real estate office. In the middle of a global pandemic there was not much fan fare and there was not much different than any other day. And it was an amazingly special day for Joe and Jason.

Happy 1st Birthday John L Scott Ballard VIDEO

John L Scott Ballard Story

Jason had been in the real estate industry for about 15 years in many different facets; Loan Officer, General Manager of a Real Estate Marketing Agency, partner of a startup real estate website design agency, Marketing Manager for a title & escrow company and finally starting his own Jason Fox real estate marketing agency.

Joe had been in real estate as an agent for about 3 years as a member of a team and then as an independant agent working at the Lynnwood John L Scott office.

The first time they sat down to discuss the possibility of working together the idea was fascinating but it was not to be. About a year later they were having breakfast together when the topic came up again. This time the idea stuck and they got to work forming The Madrona Group.

The idea of them becoming an equal team was met with some opposition initially and they decided it might be easier to start their business in a team friendly office of Keller Williams. After about 6 months they realized that red was not their color and they preferred the color of Green and moved back to the John L Scott Lynnwood office.

They would work for about 3 years growing their business and each year gaining an award of higher production, until they were a top producing team in the office. Along they way they had joined the mentorship program and were mentoring new agents. They were also placed in the John L Scott Leadership Training program for future managers and leadership.

After about 6 months of training they were approached about the possibility of partnering with a John L Scott office that was struggling to get launched. They pursued this opportunity and were close to making the move, when a different opportunity arose.

That opportunity was to good to pass up. To be sold owners of a John L Scott franchise based out of the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, WA.

Jason and Joe spent the next few months getting their affairs in order, begin vetted and getting the financials ready and were finally approved for opening on June 1st.

Not much changed at first. Joe, Jason and Chris just kept listing and selling houses like usual. They had a new office that they could work from in Ballard, and there was plenty of administrative work that would keep them busy for quite a while.

They met every day to discuss roles, responsibilities, strategies and sometimes just to get their heads straight. There were many long and seemingly uneventful days.

Then they made their first new agent hire, then another and another. Along the way they partnered with an amazing lending team that is helping them to build both their book of business and the partner agents grow as well.

As John L Scott Ballard celebrates 1 year in business they now represent 12 agents, a CRM (client relationship manager) and 2 loan officers… and growing. You can learn more about the team here:

Jason and Joe still sell real estate just like before and they recruit and train agents.

On behalf of John L Scott Ballard and Chris Fiamengo, Andy Ball, Tisha Taitano, Ashley Rodriguez, David Bryce, Cindi Rice, Cale McCulloch, Riley Lillibridge, Tri Nguyen, Aileen Chung, Terrence Poole and Gregory Ihle Thank you for all your help, support and business. Cheers to the years that follow.

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