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Scandinavian Kitchen Creations

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

How to create a rustic Scandinavian kitchen for your home.

Rustic vs traditional Scandinavian interior design. What really is the difference?

If you love the look of fresh, clean and clutter-free living, then the Scandinavian home trend may be the perfect solution for your home. We normally think of this trend traditionally with white hues, sleek streamlined plastic and laminated wood, but if your tastes veer more toward warm earthy wooden and copper accents, you will be pleased to know there is room for the variation of this distinct look. Nordic kitchen design is full of texture and character.

Image credit - Kronfoto (instagram)

Crisp white walls and straight forward kitchen design is traditionally used. The use of white has so many advantages when used throughout your kitchen, maximizing natural light, enlarging the space and keeping the atmosphere light and airy. With hints of earthy beige, orange and wood textures, we accent against the crisp whites. The below list offers rustic Scandi inspiration that you can apply to your kitchen…

• Distressed wooden dining table

• Used scaffold plank shelving

• Live edge chopping boards

• Brick walls (painted white or not - it’s the texture that matters)

• Copper or industrial style bar stools

• Distressed metal, rope or rattan lighting

The key to a rustic Scandi style kitchen is to accessorize with a smattering of earthy hues and textures amongst all those beautiful white and blacks.

Rustic Scandi style lighting

Mesh style lighting

Concrete Pendant Lights

Open shelving

Image credit - jade.doutch

Industrial accents

Industrial shelving

Industrial bar stools

Image credit - nest_twenty_eight (Instagram)

Metal accent mirrors

Rustic Scandi style kitchen accessories

Scandinavian stoneware dinnerware

Wooden chopping boards & bowls

Aged copper backsplash

Image credit -

Brass and copper bar stools

Copper pans and pots

Image credit - @ellenpompeo

Traditional Scandinavian kitchen design dictates a clean and minimalistic look. The rustic trend offers much the same but with a few earthy accents. Hang a selection of copper pans and pots over your kitchen area to inject a hefty rustic accent.

Blending the two trends within Scandinavian Design is possible. Along with your whitewash walls and jet black accents, mix in some sandy creams, distressed wooden furniture and copper notes. Remember that the look is achieved in the layering of various materials with complementary colors and textures, and be careful not to go too far; this is still the minimalistic Scandinavian look we all know and love, but with an earthy, utterly alluring rustic twist.

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