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Seattle's Best Off-Leash Dog Parks

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Looking for a place to take your furry friend? I have compiled a list of some of the best dog parks in or around Seattle. These dog parks are great for you and your pup to get out and make some friends, as well as get in some of that needed exercise.

1. Magnuson Dog Park

Magnuson Dog park is the largest park within the Seattle city limits and the only park in the city to have waterfront access. With nine-acres of relatively flat ground, the park is great for high energy pups who love to swim!

Magnuson also offers a "shy and small pup" area for your dog who needs the exercise but may not be as social as other dogs.

2. Marymoor Dog Park

Marymoor is my favorite place to take my dogs. Located in Redmond (at Marymoor Park), it covers about 40 acres and features flat grassland, wooded areas, trails, and river access. Not only will your pup get in his exercise, but you'll get to enjoy the scenery as you walk around the massive grounds. The park even offers a Wash Spot!

This park is maintained by a volunteer organization called "SODA" (Serve our dog areas). The city of Redmond dubs this park as the "doggy Disneyland" due to the variety of grounds for you and your pup to enjoy.

3. Luther Burbank Dog Park

Luther Burbank Dog Park is another great park, located in Mercer Island that offers water access for your dog that loves to swim. This park is a bit smaller, but also has two separate areas, one for all size dogs and another that is designated for smaller dogs. This dog park has also been listed as one of the cleanest in Washington.

4. Mukilteo Off-Leash Dog Park

I have included this park on the list due to the fact that this park offers an agility course, something a little different for you and your pup to try. It also has both a regular dog area as well as small and shy dog area. This park can get a little muddy, so make sure you bring a towel!

5. Bothell Pop-Up Dog Park

This is not a well-established dog park, but just something a little different that the city of Bothell has decided to try. The pop-up dog park, located in downtown Bothell, opened up August 1st and will be available through September 15th. It is something that Bothell has set up in order to address the needs of the growing population. They are open to the opinions of the public in order to figure out the best options going forward in putting in a more permanent dog park.

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