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Videography Services

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

At Buy Sell Live Northwest, we offer videography services that include a custom menu of services to that can be purchased to share on social media or posted to agent websites.


In the Market Update video our brokers present the current months state of the market in a county that is specified. The broker will go over how much inventory there is and how quickly homes are selling. This video will introduce you as an expert on what the market is doing in your local area. You will be provided with a customized PDF flyer with all of the information you present in the video that you will be able to email to clients. The filming for this video will take approximately 1 hour.

Example of Market Update Video with real estate broker, Ally Bosak


In the Property Tracker video our agents will present the benefits of JLS Property Tracker as a customized tool to find homes or stay up to date on the local area. Brokers will be showcased as a local expert and have the opportunity to register clients on Property Tracker. This video includes an animation of a client writing you an email and will feature your email address. The filming for this video will take approximately 1 hour.

Example of Property Tracker Video with real estate broker, Matthew Gerken


In the Broker Tips video you will present real estate tips/ facts of your choice to your audience. You will have the opportunity to choose your subject matter and write your own script. This video will be personalized and will brand you as a Real Estate Expert. The filming for this video will take approximately 1 hour.

Example of Buyer Tips presented by real estate broker Renee Uribe


The About Me video is an in-depth look at who the brokers are. This video highlights our agents strengths and allows them to personally connect with clients and explain about themselves and why we love real estate. This is our most customized option and includes many dynamic scenes of the local area and our brokers working on location. We will provide a pre-video preparation packet with script prompts as well as video highlight options. Brokers will be able to specify 3 video options of what is desired to be highlighted. The filming for this video will take approximately 2 hours.

There are two style options available to choose from. -$750

Holly Shanelle - John L. Scott Real Estate (Classic Style)

Holly Shanelle - John L. Scott Real Estate (Urban Style)

John L. Scott animated logos and copyright free music will be added to every video for a clean, interesting, and professional introduction.

All videos include a customizable script that you will receive prior to your recording session that we encourage you to rehearse. We also include a customized animated name logo, and a recording session complete with studio lighting, backdrops, and a teleprompter. You will have full access to your video file to share at your discretion. We will also share your video through all of our social media outlets if you would like us to.

We are happy to re-shoot/re-edit your video if you are unsatisfied with any technical issues with shooting or editing. We will strive to make your video the best that it can be to showcase you in the initial shoot. Regular video shooting fees apply if a re-shoot is requested as matter of personal preference.

All prices include filming and editing time.

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