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When Selling Your Home Make Sure It Is Market Ready Day One [Video]

The 5 Rights Of Selling Your Home

When we talk about getting your home Market Ready Day One we talking about getting these 5 things right:

  1. House Right

  2. Clean

  3. DeCluttered

  4. Staged

  5. Everything in good working order

  6. Paint and Carpet (if needed)

  7. Yard Right

  8. Mowed and Edged

  9. Garden Beds cleaned up

  10. Bushes and Trees Trimmed

  11. Pressure Wash (if needed)

  12. All garbage, debris and leaves removed

  13. Marketing Right

  14. Read all about our Marketing Plan

  15. Price Right

  16. Use comparable properties to determine the current market value

  17. Broker Right

  18. We hope that is us!

Market Ready Day One Video

This is important because we only have a limited amount of time to maximize the back-log of buyers that are available for each listing.

You will never have as much activity, or potential buyers as we do in the first 5-7 days.  That is because at any given time there is what we call a backlog of buyers, or people that are waiting for a home like yours to come onto the market.

If we can maximize that time period we have the best chance of selling your home for the highest price.

Market Ready Day One Video Transcript

00:00 Hey guys its The Madrona Group Real Estate Team. 00:02 Hi everybody it’s Jason Fox with 00:08 the Madrona Group, and today I’d like to 00:10 talk to you about getting your home 00:11 market ready day one. So earlier we 00:15 talked about the five rights to making a sale of your home. The first two 00:21 are getting your house right and getting 00:23 your yard right. What does that 00:24 entail? Getting your house right is 00:29 making sure that the home is cleaned, 00:31 de-cluttered and staged so that when 00:35 somebody enters the home they can 00:37 envision living there. They can envision 00:40 putting their stuff in your home and 00:42 seeing how it fits their lifestyle. 00:45 Getting your yard right is 00:49 about the curb appeal. Getting the yard 00:51 work done, making sure the paint job is 00:54 right, the windows are right and clean and the 00:58 front door looks new and sturdy. The hardware 01:02 the door handles so when we go to open 01:04 the door there’s a feeling of security. 01:06 That’s kind of the first impression 01:09 when somebody pulls up into a 01:11 house and right away we get this feeling, 01:13 “huh could I see myself living there?” 01:16 The real first impression and what 01:19 we know is that according to the 01:21 National Association of Realtors that 01:23 95% of buyers search online before they 01:26 go look at houses. How do you determine 01:28 which houses that you want to go visit 01:30 possibly make an offer on? It’s the 01:32 pictures and maybe the videos. 01:34 It’s important that we hire a 01:36 professional photographer to really 01:38 maximize the potential of views 01:41 of the home online and to drive as 01:43 many people to the home as possible. 01:45 If you need any help getting your home 01:46 market ready day 1 don’t hesitate to 01:48 contact us today.

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