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Why You Should Be Buyer Ready Day One

What Do We Mean When We Say Buyer Ready Day One

Watch the video below to find out

Jason Fox of The Madrona Group Real Estate Team explains why it is a good idea to be buyer ready day one. What that means and how it will benefit you the home buyer.

Until the market settles down it is very likely you will find yourself in a bidding scenario when purchasing a home or condo in the Greater Seattle area.

Luckily, we have created a system for having a better chance at winning at bidding wars.

You can learn more about what our home buying strategy and how to win a bidding war here:  Read Article Here

Both Joe Kiser and Jason believe that it is beneficial that we sit down or schedule a Zoom meeting with home buyers, especially first time home buyers and go over the state of the current real estate market. That way we are all on the same page and have a good understanding of the current state of the market.

It is also important that everyone understands how the process works, what type of forms are going to be used, and a clarification of the different services we will be using and what role they play.

Additional Home Buying Resources

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To view the flow chart and even more information for How To Buy a House visit this page.

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Hi everybody it’s Jason Fox and when 00:02 you’re getting ready to start your home 00:03 search to buy your new home we want you 00:07 to be Buyer Ready Day One. Every market is 00:14 a little bit different and there are 00:16 some factors that kind of help 00:18 differentiate the different markets. 00:21 Some of those are interest rates, the 00:24 season, and inventory. Those different 00:28 factors can help determine whether or 00:30 not there are a what we call a backlog 00:33 of buyers. The backlog of buyers can 00:36 be a small medium or large amount of 00:38 buyer pool that are looking to buy in a 00:42 particular timeframe. Knowing these 00:45 factors can help us prepare a strategy 00:50 for you as the buyer to make sure that 00:53 we’re not only finding you the 00:55 house that you love but we’re also 00:57 making sure that we get you the very 00:59 best possible price. That we’re 01:02 competitive in our bidding processes, if 01:05 that is what is necessary. When we walk 01:08 into a home and you say, wow this is the 01:11 one, then everything can start to move 01:14 pretty quickly so it’s important that we 01:17 are familiar with all the forms, 01:19 the different moving pieces and also 01:22 where the market is at and what it might 01:24 take to craft an offer. To have a strategy 01:28 to buy the home not only to get the home 01:30 that you love but to try to get the very 01:32 best price and terms possible. It’s 01:35 important that we understand the market 01:38 or that we’re Buyer Ready Day One.

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