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10 Tips to Protect Your Place While You're Away

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How to secure your biggest investment

Between the warming weather and increased time away from home, the spring season can be particularly dangerous for homeowners. Disasters like floods, leaks and burglaries can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to resolve - and are sure to total even more in stress. Fortunately, there are quite a few safeguards you can implement to prevent both security breaches and the wrath of unpredictable spring weather. If you’re slipping away for spring break, follow these ten tips to secure your home before leaving town, so you can truly relax while you’re away.

1. Set the HVAC Leaving your home too warm could cause mold or mildew, while setting your AC too low will leave you with some pretty unhappy houseplants. While you’re away, consider setting your thermostat slightly warmer than usual, and, per Consumer Reports, certainly no lower than 55° F, to properly maintain your home’s humidity levels. Or, you may want to invest in smart automation for your heating and cooling for customizable settings while you’re away.

2. Invest in a home security system Home security systems are rising in popularity, and for good reason: a small financial investment now is well worth peace of mind and safeguarding down the road. According to U.S.News & World Report, Frontpoint, Vivint Smart Home and Ring Alarm are among the best this year, but do some research to determine which system fits your needs and budget. If you’ve already chosen and installed a home security system, double check for any low or dead batteries.

3. Protect your pipes A busted pipe can damage walls, floors and belongings, particularly if left unattended for long periods of time. According to Consumer Reports, you can purchase pipe insulation for 50 cents per linear foot at most hardware stores, “So for not much more than the cost of the aspirin you’d need, you can avoid the headaches of cleanup, loss of precious keepsakes, and the cost of your insurance deductible.” If you live in an area prone to late-spring freezes, consider confirming your pipes are protected before taking off.

4. Install an outdoor sensor light Sometimes all that’s needed to dete