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13 Edmonds Neighborhood Mapped Out on Interactive Map

While trying to search for an Edmonds neighborhood map the other day I could not find a really good interactive map with boundaries drawn.

So I figured I should make one. I mapped out 13 Edmonds Neighborhoods with boundaries. Then added links to all available homes for sale for each neighborhood.

Play With Our Fully Interactive Edmonds Neighborhood

View The Map in Full Screen: Edmonds Neighborhood Map

List of 13 Edmonds Neighborhoods

  1. College Place

  2. Firdale Village

  3. Esperance

  4. Maplewood

  5. Meadowdale

  6. Perrinville

  7. Picnic Point

  8. Seaview

  9. Sherwood Forest

  10. Talbot Park

  11. The Bowl of Edmonds

  12. Westgate

  13. Yost

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