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Emmanuel Fonte Interviews Jason About Video and Housing Market Updates

The Madrona Group has been publishing housing market reports for years. Every month I update the report with important indicators, graphs, images, videos, statistics and opinion.



Recently our Seattle Market Report found its way into the hands of a local reporter who contacted me to be on the news as the Local Real Estate Expert.

John L. Scott offers a Housing Market Report for 50+ local cities and counties and for the last few years I have been using a combination of the John L. Scott material and some custom material.

All of that information made its way to Emmanuel Fonte who is the Vice President of Ultimate Client Relationship® & Digital Strategies at John L. Scott Real Estate. Who asked me to do an interview with him for his weekly show the John L. Scott Approach to Success.



If you are with John L. Scott you can easily access all the tools I spoke about through your MyDesk portal.

If you are not with John L. Scott… why not?

  1. LeadershipLennox Scott is ranked the 31st most influential person in real estate

  2. Marketing and TechnologyJohn L. Scott is ranked the 3rd best tech package for brokerages

  3. Local TrustJohn L. Scott has been a trusted name in local real estate for almost 90 years

  4. InfluenceJohn L. Scott is ranked 16th brokerage in Top 1000 Real Estate Brokerages

  5. PhilosophyLiving Life as a Contribution™

You can access MyDesk by visiting

Use your John L. Scott email address and password to login. If you do not know contact Broker Care:


To get access to Word or Publisher Flyer templates, postcard, the infographic and the video:

Navigate to “John L. Scott Library” > “Marketing” > “Housing Updates” > Select your preferred area.


To sign your sphere up to receive a monthly update via email with a link to a super cool interactive Housing Report:

View the Seattle Housing Update:

Navigate to “Email Campaigns” > Find the location of campaign you would like to send > Click “Use Campaign” > Click “Next” > Select “All” or each individual you would like to receive the campaign > Click “Save”

In order to send the campaign you will have to have your sphere entered into the “Contacts” section.


While you are in MyDesk don’t forget to check out these amazing tools:

This is quick access to your John L. Scott email address

This gives you access to the John L. Scott approved print vendor

This gives you access to the best CRM Creation tool on the web.

Here is can find access to classes to get Certifications and Designations.

This is where you will find John L. Scott Merchandise

The most complete real estate statistics provider on the web.

Automated Facebook Boosting for your listings or your branding.

A complete Automated Valuation Model tool with heat map and number of active John L. Scott buyers looking for the property.

John L. Scott Library

You can dig deeper into the John L. Library and find a ton of useful marketing material and learning material such as:

Marketing John L. Scott® promotional materials, templates, presentations and logos.

John L. Scott® Training Training materials and guides.

Legal Legal information, documents and forms.

Exceptional Homes John L. Scott® luxury program materials and resources.

UCR Ultimate Client Relationship® UCR L.A.B. videos and information.

Teams Materials and information related to John L. Scott® Teams.

Relocation Relocation information and documentation (LeadingRE).

Technology John L. Scott® digital product information and how-to documents.

John L. Scott®Foundation Participation information about Children’s Hospital sponsorships.

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