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Furry Friends Friday Pet of the Week! June 4, 2021

Homeward Pet Adoption Center of Woodinville introduces us to new pets of the week that are available for adoption!

06.07.21 Allie

Allie is one special kitty. She greets everyone with a sweet little meow and then trots right over for pets. She loves a good cheek and chin rub and once the purring gets going, it seems like she may never stop! Allie is also finding her playful side and it’s tons of fun to watch her play with toys. She seems to enjoy wand toys that she can bat around the most, but she’s happy with any toy. She’s just full of joy! We don’t know if Allie’s met other cats or dogs before, so any introductions should be done slowly. Any kids in the home should be older and able to handle her gently. If you’re ready to welcome this charming cat into your family, send in an adoption application today!