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Quarantine Wall Flowers

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

French artist Nathalie Lété made the most of the unique time given to her during lockdown by transforming her country cottage into a dreamy botanical paradise. Candy Land comes to mind, as you step inside surrounded by happy-colored flowers bursting to life on walls, doors, staircases and even furniture, like a whimsical wonderland.

“I bought this house three years ago,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “My dream since I was a teenager was to have my own house filled with my art.” Originally, Lété intended to contain her romantic paintings only to her studio space. But once France entered their lockdown, her husband encouraged her to expand beyond the canvas. Now, Lété spends each day adding her marvelous designs of flowers and birds creatively to all the nooks and crannies.

Additionally, the French artist is also refurbishing antique furniture with new botanical life. “What I liked especially was the idea of [creating] your own world, kind of a nest, just filled with your own art,” Lété continues. “From wall paintings to the rugs, from the fabrics to the lamps and everyday dishes. The idea is that you can transform a simple place and furniture found on the street into something special and personal.” According to the images the artist has been posting to her Instagram, no part of her house is going overlooked. Swirling amusing lines, lively flowers sprout from every corner. Lété even wittingly painted a soft pink headboard, matched by hearts and songbirds, to frame her bed.

Scroll down to see more images of Lété’s charming country house and visit the artist’s Instagram to keep up to date with her latest painting projects.

Quarantine never looked so good!

French artist Nathalie Lété has spent her quarantine painting her beautiful country home outside of Paris.