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Special Announcement: The Madrona Group has Acquired the John L. Scott Westwood Office

The Madrona Group has acquired it’s 2nd John L. Scott office. Along with our Ballard location we have added the John L. Scott Westwood office. The office is located in SW Seattle and has been a part of the West Seattle community for over 17 years.

We were blessed to be able to take over for Chantille and Scott Henry, pillars of the community. And even luckier that Scott, quite possibly the best Managing Broker in the state, has agreed to stay on and continue leading the office as the Managing Broker. Scott will continue working with his son Daniel as a top producing real estate team.

John L. Scott Westwood has 51 agents and was recently awarded for having over 50% of their agents as award winning producers. An amazing group of Realtors that we are looking forward to growing with over the years.

Joe and Jason Special Announcement Video

What Changes?

Jason Fox and Joe Kiser will continue to operate as a team with The Madrona Group real estate team. Chris Fiamengo will continue to be the Team Leader.

Joe will remain the designated broker for John L. Scott Ballard and Scott Henry will transition to the Managing Broker for John L. Scott Westwood.

Joe and Jason’s responsibilities increase with 67 agents in the 2 offices, but things should stay pretty much the same for most involved.

John L. Scott Westwood

2600 SW Barton St., Suite A-6 Seattle, WA 98126



BIZNOTE: New ownership for John L. Scott Real Estate’s Westwood office

John L. Scott Ballard announces Westwood affiliate office acquisition


0:04hi i’m Jason Fox with John L. Scott hi

0:06i’m Joe Kiser also John L. Scott and today

0:10we just want to take a couple of minutes

0:12to make a special announcement to all of

0:14our family and friends something we’ve

0:16been working on for a little over a year

0:17now it’s been a while for sure yeah and

0:20we’ve had to bite our tongue for quite

0:22some time but we feel like now is the

0:24time to go ahead and announce it big

0:26announcement go ahead joe all right well

0:28jason and i we’ve been growing with your

0:30guys’s support and we have acquired

0:32another office so we have acquired the

0:34westwood village westwood john l scott

0:37so yeah the josh got office here in

0:39westwood it’s uh it’s interesting

0:41because the name is westwood and you

0:43might be going like what city is that

0:44where is that so we’re in a mall it’s

0:47called westwood village and uh but it’s

0:49here in southwest seattle sort of border

0:52west seattle and burien we’re super

0:54excited we are now we’re virtual and we

0:57have a brick and mortar store absolutely

1:00uh we were able to purchase the office

1:02from just the greatest uh couple uh we’d

1:05love for everybody to meet them they’ll

1:07actually be sticking around scott henry

1:10and chantil henry they’ve made a really

1:12nice and easy transition for us

1:14they’ve got a lot of brokers they really

1:16care about they’ve built a really great

1:18office and we couldn’t be more excited

1:20and feel more honored to step into such

1:22a thriving successful office with such a

1:24large group of talented agents

1:26absolutely so there’s uh roughly 50

1:28agents here at the office and

1:31we’ve been we’ve just had a really great

1:32time getting to know as many of them as

1:34we possibly can we look forward to

1:36continuing that process and of course we

1:38still will uh have our john scott

1:40ballard office and we’ll continue to run

1:43the medrona group real estate team so uh

1:46everything is a full go yep and we’re

1:48still gonna sell real estate too so we

1:50know what’s going on in the market there

1:51you go thanks everybody for watching the

1:54video and um and all your years of

1:56support thank you for all your support

1:58we could not have done all this growth

2:00without your guys support encouragement

2:02and uh trust

2:03absolutely you know we’re just two guys

2:06trying to sell some real estate and it’s

2:07uh you and everything that you guys do

2:10that helps us

2:11build and grow this and we hope to be

2:13able to use this vehicle as another way

2:16to provide you know that same five-star

2:18level service that we’ve been doing for

2:19the last uh six or seven years and so

2:22reach out if you have any questions

2:23about real estate if you’re looking to

2:25start a real estate career we can help

2:26you virtually we can help you with the

2:28brick and mortar store we’re here to

2:29help absolutely so don’t forget to visit

2:32us at

2:35group dot or

2:36give us a call at 206 899 5155


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