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Why David Bryce as your Mortgage Banker? [Video]

David Bryce Of Priority Home Lending

Jason Fox spends a few minutes chatting with David Bryce of Priority Home Lending.  In this interview Jason finds out a little bit more about David Bryce.  What it means to be an on site lender, what Priority Home Lending is, and what his favorite part of being a loan officer is.


00:04 Hello everybody it’s me Jason Fox with The Madrona 00:07 Group and today I’m here with David 00:08 Bryce, hey guys, he is our on-site 00:11 lender and the guy that does most of our loans 00:13 why don’t you tell us a little about 00:15 yourself. 00:15 Well I’ve been locally here a loan 00:18 officer for the last 16 years. I started 00:21 off at a brokerage and I worked for a 00:23 couple of the big national banks and now 00:25 I’ve been here at the John L Scott 00:26 Lynwood office working with priority 00:28 home lending for the last five years. 00:30 You mentioned John Scott so tell us 00:32 a little bit more about being an on-site 00:34 lender. Being on site means that 00:36 we have great communication. I’m able to 00:39 sit down with the clients, many times 00:41 with Joe and Jason, and it just makes for 00:44 a more intimate experience. We can all 00:47 sit down together in person and make 00:49 sure we have the best game plan for the 00:51 borrower or the buyer. Priority Lending 00:53 is it a broker or is it a bank? What 00:57 we are is considered a 00:58 correspondent lender. We actually lend 01:01 our own money just like a big bank. We 01:03 process underwrite and fund our own 01:05 loans just like a big bank does only we 01:07 have delegated authority to underwrite 01:09 and process these loans on behalf of an 01:12 array of different investors just like a 01:13 broker. It is the best of both 01:15 worlds that we have full control 01:17 over the funding of our loans but we 01:19 also get to offer a lot more products 01:22 and programs. 01:22 Dave what’s your favorite part of 01:24 being a loan officer? My favorite 01:27 part of being a loan officer is helping 01:29 a first-time homebuyer from start to 01:31 finish having them put their trust into 01:33 my hands and getting them through the 01:36 process there’s not really 01:38 anything more rewarding than that. I 01:41 also really like when 01:45 you guys have given me deals or asked me 01:48 if I could do a deal that another lender 01:50 couldn’t and I put the puzzle together 01:53 and we figure out a way to get them into 01:55 a home. Thanks for watching this is 01:57 David Bryce and Jason Fox we’ll talk to you 02:00 soon

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